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ORIENT Episode 3: Will The Bushi Slay Kashin Engoku Tengu?

ORIENT Episode 3

Musashi and Kojiro form a group called the Bushi in ORIENT Episode 3. They head out after deciding to take on the Onis in the mountains believing that they will achieve their childhood dream. But the Onis were too potent for them, and Musashi wonders if he calls the Bushi punishment. He realizes that he is punished by the Bushi when he forgets to do his homework. ORIENT reveals Musashi, Kojiro, vs. Oni at the mountains. Musashi recalls when the teacher punishes the students who are not doing well at school.

Kojiro and Musashi didn’t like it when the students badmouth the Bushi. Kojiro once brought a katana at school, and other students realized that he wanted to be the Bushi. They tease him and badmouth the Bushi. Kojiro almost used that katana against the students. Later the teachers who serve the Oni master trains the students to believe that the Kishini are the lords. In the present, Kojiro and Musashi begin to dominate the enemies and realize that they have a promise five years. They know that they vowed to form the strongest Bushi band.

Musashi noticed that something was bothering Kojiro. Kojiro realizes that he always wanted to get out of town. But things are different since it is about becoming a Bushi and slaying Oni. He knows that he is doesn’t know Bushi’s history, and he understands why Musashi considers the Bushi heroes. Musashi told him not to worry since they can make a name when wielding their swords. But Kojiro believes that the katana is not that great: Kojiro knows that other students used to tease his katana. Musashi thinks that Kojiro will enjoy it when he gets used to it.

Previously ORIENT Episode 2

Musashi and Kojiro notice a gigantic red Kashini, and Musashi believes that it is small for a boss. The knight, the giant red Kashini, and Musashi use his pickaxe to slice it. Kojiro thought it was over, but Musashi noticed that Kashini was regenerating. The separated body parts of Kashini assemble and fuse to form a complete Kashini. Musashi realizes that it will take more than one strike to kill Kashini. He wonders how they will beat it and sees the villagers who worship Kashini arriving with a big pot.

ORIENT Episode 3
ORIENT Episode 3

Musashi wonders if those villagers want to seal the Kashini inside that big pot. The villagers try to lure the Kashini to their side. The priest told Kashini that they had an offering for him. The Kashini took that offering and ate it. Musashi wonders why they have to feed gold bars to Kashin. Kojiro and Musashi realize that the “Oni” they battle before also ate the gold bars. Kashin transforms into a scary monster that horns. The new form of Kashin is called Kashin Engoku Tengu. Musashi and Kojiro begin to escape while Kashin Engoku Tengu chases them.

Kashin Engoku Tengu’s breath burns the mountains and everything around into lava. The more he fights, new hands emerge, and he has gained six hands. Musashi wonders if Kashin Engoku Tengu will transform more than that. The villagers beg Kashin Engoku Tengu to quell his anger and spare them. They thought that feeding gold bars to Kashini would help Kashin Engoku Tengu spare humans. But they are surprised that he is rampaging even though they have given him the sacrifice. Kashin Engoku Tengu took his true form, and the priest realizes that this once happened five years ago.

ORIENT Episode 3 Release Date

ORIENT Episode 3 will be released on 19 January 2022. Musashi and Kojiro got sent flying, and Kojiro noticed that Musashi was hurt. Kashin Engoku Tengu tries to devour them, but Kojiro uses his sword to stop him since he is buying time for Musashi to wake up. The villager realizes that Kashin Engoku Tengu also east katana and tells Kojiro to go. Kojiro realizes that some sword is precious and refuses to let it go.

ORIENT Episode 3ORIENT Episode 3
ORIENT Episode 3

Watch ORIENT Episode 3 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch ORIENT Episode 3 online on Crunchyroll & Ani-One Asia (Playlist)at 13:00 PM JST. You can also ORIENT Episode 3 online on Bilibili Global & VRV, especially the fans from the UK. Musashi wakes and realizes that Kojiro will never let go of that sword. Kojiro recalls when he trained to wield a sword with his master. Musashi and Kojiro attack Kashin Engoku Tengu with multiple sword slashes. Captain of Takeda Band, Takeda Naotora, decided to join the fight. Let’s meet when ORIENT Episode 3 is released.

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