Our Flags Means Death Episode 10 Release Date: What Will Happen After The Major Deaths?

Our Flags Means Death Episode 10
Our Flags Means Death

Excited for Our Flags Means Death Episode 10? Because Another great dose of pirate hijinks is delivered in Our Flag Means Death. Despite being in its third week, Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard’s combined efforts produce their poorest performance yet. It’s still enough to keep things moving in the lead up to a thrilling, if historically wrong, conclusion.

The seventh episode, “This Is Happening,” is more of the same. Stede gets a dreadful idea that comes from his aristocratic mind, and he buys a treasure map from an unknown person. As a result, despite Blackbeard’s own declaration that pirates don’t really dig up riches like he believes, a portion of the crew is sent on a treasure hunt. Meanwhile, the remaining pirates are on their way to find some oranges. Because the crew’s dessert choices have left them without a single citrusy treat, the Swede’s scurvy symptoms have become more severe.

Episode 8 does an excellent job of setting up many of the jokes and pirate humour that viewers have been accustomed to over the last few weeks. It does, however, return Jim to his native land, which brings back a few memories. Jim was raised as an orphan by a smart nun, who set him on a road to avenge the loss of her family at the hands of the “Siete Gallos” gang. As a result, she ended up in hot water with Spanish Jackie.

Our Flag Means Death Episode 8 Ending: Calico Jack Is Dead

Before diving into Our Flags Means Death Episode 10, let’s first quickly go through the ending of Episode 8. Calico Jack is based on a real-life pirate of the same name who lived during the Golden Age of Piracy and died in episode 8. Stede and Blackbeard look to be at odds following Jack’s arrival. Innuendos of same-sex relationships abound in the series. Instead, it embraces them with pride, with Jack indicating to Stede that he and Blackbeard had shared sexual experiences. Stede ejects Jack from the ship after he murders Button’s seagull friend Karl. Blackbeard, realising he has no place on the Revenge or with Stede, joins Jack.

Our Flags Means Death Episode 10Our Flags Means Death Episode 10
Our Flags Means Death Episode 8 – Calico Jack Is Dead, What Now

Blackbeard, on the other hand, quickly discovers that Izzy has struck a deal with the English and Jackie. He’s dispatched Jack to guarantee that Blackbeard safely disembarks from the Revenge before the English attack. Stede is being pursued by Chauncey for the murder of his brother. At least for the time being, he doesn’t seem to care who Blackbeard is. But, having grown fond of Stede and his men, Blackbeard decides to return. After being hit by warning cannon fire, Jack is fatally injured.

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Geraldo Is Also Dead

Geraldo is, indeed, no longer with us. Jackie’s spouse, Geraldo, is one of hers. When the Revenge crew visits the Republic of Pirates, we encounter him for the first time. Geraldo afterwards turns them over to the Spanish Navy. If it hadn’t been for Blackbeard’s quick intervention, Stede and the others would have died there. Jim kidnaps Geraldo in episode 8 in the hopes of forcing Jackie to provide information on Alfeo de La Vaca’s gang.

Jackie, on the other hand, shoots and kills Geraldo. Eventually, the two women reach an agreement. And Jackie informs Jim that Geraldo was de La Vaca’s last surviving member. Jim can return to the Revenge now that he’s dead. She’s the Revenge crew’s sole hope of surviving. Now we’ll discuss when will Episode 10 of Our Flags Means Death Release.

Our Flags Means Death Episode 10Our Flags Means Death Episode 10
Vico Ortiz & Leslie Jones in Our Flags Means Death Episode 8

Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Episode 10 is going to be released on 24 March 2022 on HBO Max. The episode is titled as “Wherever You Go, There You Are” and it will last for about 30 minutes. It his directed by Bert & Bertie and written by Alyssa Lane & Alex Sherman. HBO Max doesn’t release Our Flag Means Death’s episode Synopsis or Promo, so we can’t predict as to what can happen in episode 10. Episode 9 is also going to be released at the same time, so there’s predictions window for episode 10.

Our Flag Means Death Season 1 Episode 10 Release Time & How To Watch?

Episode 10 of Our Flag Means Death Season 1 will be aired at 3 am ET and 12 am PT on HBO Max. You can watch all of HBO, as well as your favourite series like “South Park” and “Friends,” as well as  movies of HBO Originals, with HBO Max. On the other side, the show will air on Crave in Canada every Thursday. Also, in Australia, the show airs on Binge every Thursday at 5 p.m. AEDT.

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