Outbride: Beauty & the Beasts’ Tohka Tsukinaga Launches New Manga – News

Outbride: Beauty & the Beasts' Tohka Tsukinaga Launches New Manga - News

The third issue of Hakusensha‘s Hana to Yume magazine announced on Wednesday that manga author Tohko Tsukinaga will launch a new manga titled Cinderella no Giri Ane ni Tenseishita Kedo Futari no Ōji ni Dekiaisarete Imasu (Reincarnated as Cinderella’s Step-sister, But is Doted on by Two Princes), in the magazine’s next issue on January 25.

The manga teased with the tagline, “Her life turned 180 degrees for the worst on the day of the ball.”

Tsukinaga launched the ongoing Outbride: Beauty & the Beasts manga (pictured right) in Hakusensha‘s Manga Park website in February 2020. Hakusensha published the manga’s first compiled book volume in December 2020, and the fifth volume in August 2022.

Seven Seas licensed the manga through its Steamship imprint, and will publish the manga’s third compiled book volume in English on February 7, and the fourth volume on June 27.

Source: Hana to Yume issue 3


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