Persona 3 Portable: Unlocking Each Social Link

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With the release of Persona 3 Portable on all modern platforms, will finally be able to get their hands on a game that sent plenty of precedents for the series’ later games. The original Persona 3 introduced Social Links, which Persona 5 players will recognize as that game’s Confidant system whereby characters corresponding to each of the Major Arcana from the standard tarot deck can be befriended. Ranking up a Social Link bestows gameplay benefits, such as an experience boost when fusing Personas and (after reaching the max Rank of 10) the ability to fuse the ultimate Persona of that Arcana.

While the overall mechanics are largely the same, many of Persona 3‘s Social Links require a variety of prerequisites to start, requiring players to level up their social stats, complete side-quests, or spend time with other characters to meet more potential friends. Persona 3 Portable makes things even more complicated, as the options differ between the male and female protagonists’ routes. Here’s how to get started with each one.

Italics indicates Social Links that rank up through story progression

* indicates Social Links that start automatically



Start Date





Kenji or Junpei












Bunkichi & Mitsuko






Kazushi or Rio

4/23 or 4/24


Chihiro or Ken

5/28 or 9/1


“Maya” or Saori

4/29 or 5/8


Keisuke or Ryoji

6/17 or 11/9*


Yuko or Koromaru

4/28 or 8/15

Hanged Man


5/9 or 5/11








President Tanaka




Reach Rank 4 Strength or Rank 3 Chariot


Mamoru or Akihiko

8/9 or after the second full moon


Nozomi or Shinjiro

9/22 or 9/7



After 8/8


Nyx Annihilation Team





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Before discussing how to initiate each Social Link, it’s important that Persona 3 Portable players understand how the mechanic differs from the later games. First, unlike later games which encourage players to bond with each teammate, not every member of the Special Extracurricular Execution Squad, or SEES, has a Social Link on the male protagonist’s route. Social Links have no impact on party member Persona abilities, and second-tier awakenings are tied to story progression rather than reaching Rank 10.

Additionally, while later games let the player decide whether they want to pursue a romance with an eligible character at Rank 9, every Social Link with a potential love interest in Persona 3 is explicitly romantic on the male protagonist’s route. Portable largely removes the original’s jealousy mechanic by which Social Links could reverse or permanently break if a player doesn’t spend enough time with a character or (accidentally or not) cheats on a love interest, but there is some cutscene and Tartarus dialogue that indicates the characters are aware of the protagonist’s indiscretion.

While most Social Links can no longer be permanently broken (with the exception of the Star on the female protagonist’s route), some can reverse if the player makes the wrong choice during S-Link scenes. They can be restored by interacting with the character in question and rebuilding the relationship, but since time is a limited and valuable resource in a Persona game, it’s best to avoid reversing Social Links altogether.

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Fool: SEES

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Like in later Persona games, the Fool represents the protagonist and their friends, in this case, SEES. This one is impossible to miss, as it unlocks on April 18, and it ranks up automatically as the story progresses. Unlike later games, which have party members unlock battle abilities like follow-up attacks, enduring an otherwise fatal blow, or having a party member sacrifice themselves for the protagonist through individual Social Links, Persona 3 Portable has players unlock these as they reach higher levels of the Fool Arcana.

Magician: Kenji Tomochika or Junpei Iori

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The first Social Link that depends on the protagonist’s gender, the Magician is represented by either Kenji Tomochika (male protagonist) or party member Junpei Iori (female protagonist). In the latter’s case, the Magician is somewhat unique, as Junpei is one of the few major characters who cannot be romanced. Similar to the Fool, this Social Link starts automatically on April 23, though it must be progressed manually.

The male protagonist can spend time with Kenji on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, and the female protagonist can spend time with Junpei on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Priestess: Fuuka Yamagishi

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Like the other female party members, Fuuka retains her role between routes, though the Social Link only becomes romantic when playing as the male protagonist. Players can initiate the Priestess Social Link starting on June 15, though they will need to increase their Courage first. The Male Protagonist will need to max the stat, while the Female Protagonist only needs two points.

Fuuka is available to hang out with on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays after school.

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Empress: Mitsuru Kirijo

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The Empress Arcana is also represented by a romanceable member of SEES, this time the Student Council President and heiress Mitsuru Kirijo. Players can start this Social Link on Nov. 21 or later, though they will need to max out their Academics points first.

Once unlocked, players can spend time with Mitsuru on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Emperor: Hidetoshi Odagiri

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On May 6, the protagonist will join the Student Council and meet Hidetoshi Odagiri, kicking off the Emperor Social Link. Like the Magician, this is automatic, though players will need to spend time with Hidetoshi to rank up. While his relationship with the female protagonist has romantic elements, he is not technically a romance option for her.

Hidetoshi is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with his Tuesdays and Thursdays opening up after Jan. 25.

Hierophant: Bunkichi & Mitsuko Kitamura

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Elderly married couple Bunkichi and Mitsuko Kitamura represent the Hierophant Arcana in Persona 3 Portable. This is one of the easiest Social Links to complete, as it can be initiated as early as April 25, and they are available in their Iwatodai strip mall bookstore every day except for Sundays. However, there is a small side-quest players will need to complete first.

To start, talk to the couple until they mention a persimmon tree at Gekkoukan High School. After this, you’ll need to visit the tree located outdoors past the 1F Corridor and interact with it to obtain the Persimmon Leaf. Bring this to Bunkichi and Mitsuko to reach Rank 1 of the Hierophant Social Link.

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Lovers: Yukari Takeba

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Another party member, Yukari Takeba is a Social Link and romance option for the Male Protagonist. The Lovers can be initiated starting on July 28, though players will need to max out their Charisma first.

Yukari is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Chariot: Kazushi Miyamoto or Rio Iwasaki

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In Persona 3 Portable, the Chariot Arcana is represented by different characters on the male and female routes, though both are met through joining a Sports Club. While there are several options, unlike in Persona 4, it does not impact which character you meet. The male protagonist can befriend Kazushi Miyamoto starting on April 23. As for the female protagonist, she can meet Rio Iwasaki from April 24 on, though she will have to start the Social Link on May 27 if she hasn’t already.

Kazushi is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, while Rio is available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Justice: Chihiro Fushimi or Ken Amada

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Another Social Link that differs between protagonists, the characters who represent the Justice Arcana are Chihiro Fushimi and party member Ken Amada. Since Ken is a party member, the timing for starting and completing these Social Links are quite different from one another. The male protagonist will meet Chihiro after joining Student Council, but he’ll have to speak to her three times before she’ll feel comfortable enough to spend time with him. Players can start her Social Link as early as May 28, and she is available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

As for Ken, the female protagonist can start his Social Link on Sept. 1, though they’ll need max Courage to do so. It should also be noted that the game considers Ken a love interest, though due to his age, the “romance” route is mainly him having a childhood crush and the protagonist telling him she’ll wait for him. Ken is available on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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Hermit: “Maya” or Saori Hasegawa

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Depending on which protagonist they pick, players will either meet the Online Gamer “Maya” (whose screen name comes from Persona 2) or classmate Saori Hasegawa. On either route, progressing the Hermit Social Link will allow players to unlock the Devil Arcana.

The male protagonist can start the Hermit Social Link starting on April 29, after Junpei gives him a copy of an old MMORPG. He can play the game and interact with “Maya” on Sundays and holidays, though the fact the laptop is in his room means players won’t be able to leave the dorm first if they want to interact with her.

The female protagonist will have the option to join either the health or library club on May 8. Regardless of which one the player picks, they’ll be able to meet and interact with Saori by attending meetings held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fortune: Keisuke Hiraga or Ryoji Mochizuki

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In addition to introducing some new characters, Persona 3 Portable‘s female protagonist route and its new Social Links add depth to major characters from the original, and the Fortune Arcana is a perfect example of this. The male protagonist can still meet original Fortune Social Link Keisuke Hiraga starting on June 17 after joining one of the Cultural Clubs. After that, he’ll be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

If you’re playing as the female protagonist, you’ll start Ryoji Mochizuki’s Social Link automatically on Nov. 9. His version of the Fortune Social Link does not require players to earn points to progress it, and Ryoji will sometimes ask to meet with the protagonist. Refusing will cause the Social Link to permanently freeze at certain points, so those hoping to reach Rank 10 should be sure to spend time with him whenever asked. Additionally, Ryoji can be romanced, though choosing to keep things platonic Rank 8 won’t break their bond.

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Strength: Yuko Nishiwaki or Koromaru

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The Strength Arcana is another one with significant differences between routes. The male protagonist will meet romance option Yuko Nishiwaki through another Social Link. At Chariot Ranks 2 and 3, Yuko will ask the protagonist to walk her home, and doing so will let them spend time with her starting on April 28. After that, Yuko will be available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

As the female protagonist, players can befriend the game’s goodest boy, the Persona-wielding dog Koromaru. Players can start his Social Link as early as August 15, though they’ll need to have reached Rank 1 of the Priestess Arcana (Fuuka) first. Koromaru is available in the dorm every night. Either protagonist has the option to take him for a walk from time to time, which can grant items and Social Link points for Koromaru or other characters.

Hanged Man: Maiko Oohashi

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Regardless of which protagonist you’re playing as, the Hanged Man will always be nine-year-old Maiko Oohashi. Players can start her Social Link on May 9 (May 11 for the female protagonist), though they’ll need to give her a Mad Bull and Weird Takoyaki first. Mad Bull can be purchased from the dorm’s second-floor vending machine; Weird Takoyaki can be purchased from Octopia in the Iwatodai strip mall. After that, Maiko will want to play with the protagonist and open up about her difficult home life.

Maiko is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Death: Pharos

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Fittingly for a game whose primary theme is death and the need to find meaning and connection despite its tragic inevitability, the Death Arcana is automatically unlocked and maxed out through story progression. Though he appears earlier in the game, the Mysterious Boy Pharos will visit the protagonist the night of June 12, starting the Social Link.

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Temperance: Bebe

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In both routes, French transfer student Andre Laurent Jean Geraux (mostly referred to as “Bebe”) represents the Temperance Arcana. Players can start this Social Link starting on May 29, though there are a couple of prerequisites to complete before the protagonist can talk to Bebe. First, players will need to be able to translate the note on the Home Economics room and join the club with level 2 Academics. They’ll also need to reach Rank 3 of the Hierophant Social Link.

Once that’s done, Bebe will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When playing as the female protagonist, players will be able to create gifts during most ranks of Bebe’s Social Link, which they can give to other male Social Links for additional affection points.

Devil: President Tanaka

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Throughout the Persona series, only a handful of characters appear in multiple games; the shady businessman President Tanaka is one of them. While later games reduce his role, making him an increasingly sketchy vendor, Tanaka is actually a Social Link in Persona 3 — and one that’s fairly complicated to start. First, players will need to start the Hermit Social Link and reach either Rank 4 (male protagonist) or Rank 2 (female protagonist).

Once they’ve heard about Tanaka from Maya or Saori, player will have to seek him out on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday nights in Paulownia Mall. The protagonist will need some Charm (level 4 for the male protagonist, level 2 for the female protagonist) to get Tanaka to talk to them, but if they have it, the businessman will start asking for money. Players will need to give him ¥20,000 on the first day, then ¥10,000 on two more days.

These initial meetings won’t take up the player’s entire night, but after giving him a total of ¥40,000, the Devil Social Link will start. The earliest Tanaka will show up is June 4, making June 23 the earliest you can reach Rank 1.

Tower: Mutatsu

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Similar to the Devil, players will need to meet some prerequisites and complete several tasks to be able to talk to Mutatsu and unlock the Tower Social Link. First, players will need to reach either Rank 4 of the Strength Social Link (male protagonist) or Rank 3 of the Chariot (female protagonist). After that, either Yuko or Rio will tell the protagonist about an Unusual Monk who spends time at Club Escapade. Players will also need level 4 Courage and to complete a quick task before Mutatsu will talk to them.

After meeting the other requirements, talk to Club Escapade’s bartender. He’ll ask you to talk to the other customers and take their orders, which you’ll need to relay to him: Bloody Mary, Margarita, Screwdriver, Oolong Tea. Once that’s done, the bartender will serve Mutatsu, and the player can finally start the Tower Social Link.

Mutatsu is available at night on Thursdays through Sundays.

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Star: Mamoru Suemitsu or Akihiko Sanada

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The Star Arcana is another one that’s drastically different between routes. The male protagonist will meet Mamoru Suemitsu while competing in a sports meet in early August. Starting on August 9, they’ll be able to find him at the Iwatodai strip mall on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

The female protagonist can instead spend time with party member Akihiko Sanada to rank up the Star Social Link and, if they choose, romance him. After the second full moon on May 9, players with at least level 4 Charm will be able to spend time with Akihiko after school. Note that this is the only Social Link in Persona 3 Portable that can actually be broken. To avoid this, just don’t point out that he’s in love at Rank 9 if you don’t want to romance him. Akihiko is available on Mondays and Fridays.

Moon: Nozomi Suemitsu or Shinjiro Aragaki

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The Moon Arcana presents two more characters. The male protagonist will get to know Nozomi Suemitsu. Players can start this Social Link as early as Sept. 22 after hearing about someone known as the “Gourmet King” from Kenji. To talk to him, you’ll need level 3 Charm and to give the following answers to questions about the game’s food and restaurants: Pheromone Coffee, Green, Hagakure Bowl. You also need to give him an Odd Morsel, an item commonly found in chests throughout Tartarus. Note that Nozomi’s Social Link will reverse at Rank 9 as part of normal progressions; it will go back to normal as part of the regular cutscene.

On the female protagonist’s route, players will get to spend time with party member Shinjiro Aragaki starting on Sept. 7. His Social Link is semi-automatic, not requiring any points to rank up. However, because it needs to be completed before Oct. 4, those aiming to max out the Moon Social Link should prioritize Shinjiro when he is available. Players will also need to complete a small side-quest between Ranks 9 and 10 by retrieving and returning an item from the police station in the Paulownia Mall. While not a traditional romance option, completing Shinjiro’s Social Link allows the player to spend extra time with him on Oct. 2 and actually has a significant impact on a major story event.

Shinjiro is available during the evening on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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Sun: Akinari Kamiki

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The Sun Social Link is another tragic one, as it sees the protagonist befriend a young man named Akinari Kamiki who is suffering from a terminal illness. To start this storyline, the protagonist will first need rank 4 Academics and to reach Rank 3 of the Hanged Man Social Link. Then, talk to Akinari, and he’ll mention a creature with red eyes stealing his pen. Once Koromaru joins SEES on Aug. 8, interact with him to obtain the Red Fountain Pen. Talk to Akinari again to start the Social Link.

Akinari is only available on Sundays, but it will always rank up regardless of which dialogue options the player chooses.

Judgment: Nyx Annihilation Team

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The final automatic Social Link of Persona 3 Portable, Judgment unlocks on Dec. 31, right after the Fool is maxed out. Uniquely, completing the Judgment Arcana requires players to make their way through the final non-optional area of Tartarus, with certain floors triggering the rank-ups.

Aeon: Aigis

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The only Social Link in P3P that doesn’t correspond with an Arcana from the standard Tarot deck, the Aeon represents Aigis. A playable character and the SEES’ resident android, this storyline sees the protagonist help Aigis understand the concepts of life, humanity, and purpose. Players won’t be able to start this Social Link until Dec. 30 at the earliest, though unlike other party members, it does not require any particular social stat levels.

Aigis is available every day except for Sundays.


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