Persona 4 Golden: Every Ending, Explained

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As with other games in the Persona series, Persona 4 Golden has a deep, enriching story that is one of the major factors that draws in new players. However, much like how Persona 5 Royal has several different endings that can be triggered through various choices on the player’s part, Persona 4 Golden has many endings of its own. Each one is unique and sometimes perplexing, so some gamers may want an explanation as to how they arrived at that particular ending and what it means for the game’s story.

With Persona 4 Golden getting a new remaster for modern platforms very soon, there will undoubtedly be many new players who are on the lookout for each of these endings. They may wish to see each and every one for themselves or be looking to understand what they need to do to avoid the worst ones. Here’s what those players need to know about accessing the different endings and what they entail in Persona 4 Golden.

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Several Bad Endings Come From Poor Investigation

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Persona 4 Golden has three different bad endings, and they each come up on December 3rd. On that day, the main cast of characters will corner and confront the person they believe is responsible for the game’s big mystery. During this confrontation, the player will be given several options for how to respond, and choosing any of the incorrect ones leads to one of these bad endings.

These endings happen if the player decides to personally take revenge against the suspected villain, chooses to ignore that there are pieces of the mystery that are still unaccounted for and walk away, or even just fails to pick the right name of the true culprit three times in a row. There are some variations between these three endings, including a tragic major character death. However, each of them leaves the mystery unsolved, leading to a bitter, harsh finale to the story and to the friendships that the player has spent hours building.

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The Accomplice Ending Comes About By Protecting the Suspect’s Identity

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The Accomplice Ending is a fourth Bad Ending that was not available in the original Persona 4 but was added for Persona 4 Golden. This ending has much in common with the third bad ending, where the player could not identify the true culprit. For this one, players must first raise the Jester Arcana social link up to level 6 before November 4th. Continue with the game until December 3rd, go through the same choices up to identifying the true culprit, but this time, choose the right answer. If the Jester Arcana is at a sufficient level, a follow-up choice will be available to keep that person’s identity a secret from everyone else. This leads to a quiet, somber ending wherein the town remains trapped under a thick fog and the main character is left wondering if he did the right thing.

Solve Persona 4’s Mystery to Get the Good Ending

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For the basic Good Ending, once again go through the dialogue options on December 3rd until given the chance to identify the true culprit, and this time, identify them but do not protect them. This leads to a new dungeon that ends in a climactic boss fight against that villain. With the game’s central mystery solved, and the culprit defeated, the main characters are given several quiet months to spend together before the protagonist has to return to his old city.

On March 20th, players are then tasked to go around town to talk to all the friends that they’ve reached max social link with and are then given the option to return home to prepare for the ending. Choose “Yes” at this point to receive the Good Ending. The town of Inaba is peaceful once more, and the protagonist says a bittersweet goodbye to all the friends he’s made, with the promise that they’ll stay in touch.

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The True Ending Requires Succeeding in a Difficult Boss Battle

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The best ending from the original Persona 4 can be earned by following most of the same steps as the Good Ending. Identify and defeat the true culprit and reach March 20th, but this time, when given the option to return home, say “No” and instead go to the Junes Food Court. The main character group will reconvene and confirm that there’s one more piece of the puzzle still missing. This choice opens up one more big dungeon, which can only be completed on that single day, so players should prepare for a hard fight. At the end of it, a final mastermind behind all the game’s events is revealed, and once defeated, and the fog around Inaba is lifted for good before the protagonist returns to his old life, this time with no regrets.

The Golden Ending Is New Canon for Persona 4

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Persona 4 Golden added one final ending that further expands upon the True Ending, and is considered the real canon ending of Persona 4 Golden. As such, it can be much more difficult to obtain. First, players must max out the Aeon social link for Marie before December 24th. Players can choose whether to pursue a romance with Marie or just choose friendship, but either way, reaching level 10 on Marie’s social link unlocks an extra dungeon in February that the player must complete.

This is perhaps the most difficult dungeon in the entire game — even more difficult than the final True Ending dungeon, as it strips characters of equipment and SP. However, if the player manages to complete it, they will be on the path to getting the Golden Ending. From there, just proceed with obtaining the True Ending, and the game will end with an extra post-game epilogue that is set in Inaba one year later, bringing the story to a final, fulfilling close.


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