Persona 4 Golden Scooter License & Motorbike Guide

persona 4 golden motorbike

Some Persona 4 Golden fans might be wary of investing any of their time into the motorbike feature, but those that do will find some big rewards.

One major staple of the Persona series of video games is that there are a lot of fun and interesting things to see and do in between attending school and hardcore fantasy dungeon-crawling, but not a lot of time to do them. Making the best out of each game’s limited days is one of the first things that new Persona players have to learn fairly quickly. This means that players will sometimes have to pick and choose which parts of a Persona game’s content they will explore, occasionally leaving large sections of the game to fall aside until a potential replay.

A notable example of this trend is learning how to ride a motorbike in Persona 4 Golden. Much like how Persona 5 Royal added an extra Third Semester from the original Persona 5, the motorbike is something new that was added when the original Persona 4 was upgraded to Persona 4 Golden. If players are willing to invest the time, they can pick up a Scooter License, start taking longer rides with their motorbikes as they become more comfortable with it and eventually take friendly rides with their teammates. However, many players question why they should spend so much of their limited time with the motorbike feature above so many other options, and what sort of rewards they get for doing so.

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Getting Started WIth Solo Motorbike Rides

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The player will automatically get their Scooter License on June 8th after Yosuke asks them to get one, and will be gifted a motorbike of their own from the protagonist’s uncle Dojima right after. However, the player won’t be able to do much with it at first, only taking short rides around their house as they get used to controlling the bike.

After taking three test rides, players will unlock the ability to take a Long Ride and go to different places. Choosing to take a Long Ride will then open up a new location for players to explore called Okina City, which has a movie theater that the player can take friends to in order to improve social links, a clothing store where they can buy special costumes for the party not found anywhere else, and a café where they can obtain special Skill Cards to improve the abilities of their favorite Personas.

After going to Okina City three times, players will unlock another extra location called Shichiri Beach. Here, players can access a fun fishing mini-game, go swimming in the sea to boost their Courage social stat, or even just gaze out into the ocean to learn new Persona skills that they might never find otherwise. Both Okina City and Shichiri Beach can only be accessed by taking motorbike rides, so these locations alone make investing some time in the motorbike very much worth it.

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Taking Motorbike Rides With Friends

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Much later in the game, starting on October 26, the player can begin taking motorbike rides with one of their teammates, depending on which one is seen standing around the Gas Station in the North Shopping District that day. While these motorbike rides do not affect the Social Link ranks with those teammates, they do provide the player the opportunity to teach those allies some of their most powerful abilities that they wouldn’t learn naturally.

These top-tier abilities that can only be learned from motorbike rides include powerful elemental attacks such as Bufudyne and Ziodyne, healing spells such as Diarahan and Life Drain, and support abilities such as Angelic Grace and Concentrate. Investing time into gaining any of them would make it much easier to tackle the endgame bosses or even the terrifying optional boss called the Reaper.

Each of the game’s party members can be taken on five motorbike rides to learn these special skills, though it should be noted that it works a little differently for Rise. As Rise is a support character and does not have any active abilities, taking her on motorbike rides instead raises the amount of damage that All-Out Attacks deal when she joins in on them. This can also be done up to five times, making the reward a very powerful buff.


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