Peter Pan & Wendy Sets a Painful Disney Live-Action Remake Record

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Peter Pan & Wendy recently set a new record for the worst audience score ever for a live-action remake of a Disney animated film.

Per Rotten Tomatoes, Peter Pan & Wendy, which began streaming on Disney+ on Apr. 28, currently has an audience score of 13 percent, which is a whopping 15 percent worse than what the live-action remake of Pinocchio received back in 2022. The only other Disney live-action remakes to receive an audience score of under 45 percent are the two Glenn Close-led 101 Dalmatians movies with the 1996 film receiving a score of 40 percent while the sequel, 102 Dalmatians, is a bit lower at 32 percent. As of April 2023, the top three audience scores for live-action Disney remakes are 2021’s Cruella (97%), 2019’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (95%) and 2019’s Aladdin (94%).


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Peter Pan and Wendy was first announced by Disney in 2016 when Lowery signed on to direct the live-action adaptation of Walt Disney’s 1953 animated film Peter Pan. Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson star as Peter Pan and Wendy, respectively, with the film following the duo as they venture to the magical world of Neverland and face off against Peter’s archenemy Captain Hook (Jude Law). Other prominent characters in the film include Wendy’s younger brothers John (Joshua Pickering) and Michael (Jacobi Jupe), Peter’s friend Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi), Captain Hook’s boatswain Mr. Smee (Jim Gaffigan) and Lost Boys ally Tiger Lily (Alyssa Wapanatâhk).

Peter Pan & Wendy Reimagines Key Characters

While Peter Pan & Wendy is similar to the 1953 animated classic, there are some noticeable changes, such as Tiger Lily getting completely reimagined for the remake. “There was nothing from the past that we needed to hang on to when it came to Tiger Lily,” revealed Lowery, who previously stated that he worked hard to make sure the remake had none of the original film’s racial stereotypes. “The version of the character in the movie, who is so strong and vibrant, it’s incredible.” Other changes Lowery made were adding girls to the Lost Boys and minimizing the gun violence.

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The Little Mermaid Is the Next Live-Action Remake

Peter Pan & Wendy isn’t the only live-action remake of an animated Disney film set to arrive in 2023. The Little Mermaid, a reimagining of the 1989 animated classic, is set to open in theaters at the end of May. Halle Bailey stars as the titular mermaid Ariel while Melissa McCarthy steps into the villainous role of Ursula. Early reactions to The Little Mermaid have been positive with the live-action remake currently tracking to open to $110 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend. Jonah Hauer-King, Daveed Diggs, Awkwafina, Jacob Tremblay and Javier Bardem also star.

Peter Pan & Wendy is currently streaming on Disney+.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes


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