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Platinum End Update: Will Mirai Defeat Metropoliman?

Platinum End

Platinum End continues since the anime offers twenty-four episodes for the first season. The war between God’s candidates continues after Mirai faces Metropoliman,  the Angels that serve Metro, and the evil God Candidates. Metro’s goal remained the same since he wanted to defeat every God Candidate and become the God. We are looking forward to Platinum End’s upcoming episode, which will release this coming week. Mukaido, Saki, and Hajime have joined forces to take on Metro and his team.

Metro feels that he is betrayed since Hajime was the one who broke the barrier and freed Mirai and his team. Hajime freed Mirai and the others out of love since he confessed to Saki, who took that advantage to rescue her friends. Metro decided that they must settle the scores, and after, he will become God since he will defeat them and they are not on his level. Mukaido and Mirai accept that offer knowing that Mukaido’s family is safe. Mirai and the others shot each other with Red Arrows since they must fight to kill their enemy.

It is only the option that would end the war between God Candidates. Hajime takes one of Metro’s allies down and makes it even. Metro reveals what he will do to them and how he will make Hajime pay since he betrayed him and joined the other side. Hajime vows to protect Saki believing that he has found the love of his life. Mirai thinks that Metro has been lying all along, and Metro reminds Mirai that lies mean nothing when they are fighting to kill each other. He reminds them about the virus that the lady will inject into them. Mirai and the others know that they have to avoid the virus no matter what.

Platinum End
Platinum End

Platinum End Summary

Mirai realizes that they have to fight till the end since million will die. But they can sacrifice and save humankind by dying with Metro if they fail to defeat him. Mukaido remembered something and told Mirai not to rush things. Metro promised them that he would never run away from a battle. He reminds them that they pulled a foolish trick, thinking that shooting Red Arrows at each other would help them. Metro calls them idiots since he will take their Wings and Arrows. Mirai lands on top of the tower to face Fukyo, and Mirai knows that he will do something if Mirai uses the White Arrow.

Mukaido is worried about the virus since it will be released even though Fukuyo dies. Saki pities Mirai and wonders how he will fight with the lady with a virus. Fukyo told all the God Candidates not to move since she would press the switch. She asks them to throw away their weapons, or they die. Hajime and the others threw their weapons away, and Fukyo told Mirai to take one step coming towards her. Mirai did as she told him, but he might fall since he was not using his wings.

Saki tries to stop Mirai, and Hajime consoles her realizing that Mirai is sacrificing to save everyone. Saki doesn’t want to see anyone dying. Mukaido remembers what Hajime told them about death. Mirai realizes that if Fukyo injects that virus, he will save a million since it will only kill him. He decides not to give up until the end, and Mukaido wonders if they should flee. Mirai surprised everyone when he pierced the virus with White Arrow. Fukyo can’t believe that he tricked them, and the battle continues. Metro’s allies retreat, and Mirai says he will send Metro to jail.

Platinum EndPlatinum End
Platinum End

Will Platinum End Continue?

Platinum End continues after taking a break a few weeks ago, and the latest episode will release this week. The last episode of Platinum End was delayed due to anime’s weekly break. But the anime will continue until it releases 24 episodes. The next episode will release on Friday, and it will be on Saturday in other countries. The war between God Candidates continues, but Metro is left alone since his crew abandoned him. Let’s meet when Platinum End releases the next episode.

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