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Home » ‘Pleasure’, the Theme Tune for Anime Series ‘Fruits Basket: The Final’, Gets Chinese-Language Self-Cover by Warps Up Member Langyi

‘Pleasure’, the Theme Tune for Anime Series ‘Fruits Basket: The Final’, Gets Chinese-Language Self-Cover by Warps Up Member Langyi

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‘Pleasure’, the opening theme tune to the hit anime series ‘Fruit Basket: The Final’, was WARPs UP‘s first ballad, a song based on the concept that “we all have the power to shape our future, even when destiny seems to be against us”.

Now, a new version of ‘Pleasure’ sung by Chinese WARPs UP member LANGYI in his native tongue has been released.

WARPs UP Vocal Club】LANGYI / 『Pleasure』Chinese ver. (self cover)

After a hugely successful run of performances on China’s megahit audition show ‘CHUANG2021’, which broadcast its finale on April 24, Japanese WARPs UP members RIKIMARU and SANTA were selected to make their official debut in China’s music scene as members of the new boyband INTO1, which is made up of 11 ‘CHUANG2021’ finalists and will be active for a limited period of two years.

Because of this, WARPs UP will temporarily suspend activities as a four-piece group. The remaining members will continue to perform as WARPs UP in a variety of new ways – taking their cue from the message delivered in ‘Pleasure’, they will shape their own future no matter what the odds. LANGYI’s self-cover in Chinese is the first step.

With a simple piano accompaniment and a single microphone in the frame, the video conveys LANGYI’s sadness at being apart from his fellow members, as well as his conviction for the future.

The original version of ‘Pleasure’, which was released on April 23, took the No.2 spot on the weekly J-pop chart on China’s major music service NetEase Cloud Music on April 27. Released the same day, mini-album ‘Prep.20/21SS -Chapter RLSM-‘ hit No.1 on the iTunes weekly J-pop chart in five countries and regions, including Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

WARPs UP ‘Pleasure’ music video:

LANGYI will continue to perform covers of more songs from ‘Fruits Basket’. Keep an eye out for more news as WARPs UP enter this exciting new phase!

WARPs stands for “Wind Assemble Radical People-Syndicate.”
WARPs is not just a group, but a syndicate producing new value and the world by combining various measures.
WARPs UP are one of the groups within the WARPs project.

Release information
Single: ‘Pleasure’

Out now
1. Pleasure
2. Pleasure -Anime ver.-
Download and streaming links:

Mini-album: ‘Prep.20/21SS -Chapter RLSM-‘

Out now
1. Hali Gali
2. Cloud 9
3. One Hundred degrees
5. Pleasure
Download and streaming links:

Music videos
‘Pleasure’ music video:
‘Pleasure -Anime ver.-‘ music video:

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