Pokémon Fan’s Pet Fish Exposes His Credit Card Info

Tatsugiri over Mela screaming from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

YouTuber Mutekimaru’s Siamese fighting fish exposes his credit card info on a live stream while his pet plays Pokémon Violet on the Nintendo Switch.

One Pokémon YouTuber’s pet fish exposed his credit card information.

As reported by Anime News Network, YouTuber Mutekimaru live-streamed his pet Siamese fighting fish playing Pokémon Violet, but a sudden error caused the game to close. The fish managed to open the Nintendo eShop and reveal its owner’s credit card information. In addition to changing its owner’s username, the fish added $4 to his eShop balance. The fish then stared at the Minecraft eShop page then spent login points on Nintendo Switch Online. The YouTuber subsequently received an email about a purchase on the Nintendo eShop.

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To control a Nintendo Switch without opposable thumbs, the YouTuber divided the fish’s tank into sections to correspond with the controller’s buttons, Left, Right, Up, Down, A, and B. He also installed a camera to track the fish’s movements. Previously, the pet fish discovered an unreported glitch in Pokémon Sapphire in the Seafloor Cavern section where players must push boulders with the Strength ability. The fish also found another glitch in Pokémon Sword. Lala, the fish who discovered the glitch, tragically passed away in September 2022.

In November 2020, Lala, alongside fellow fish Maurice, Moo and Ponyo, beat Sapphire in 3,195 hours, marking their third Pokémon game completed. Unfortunately, the YouTuber announced in December 2022 that he would end the streams after Pokémon Violet since the fish are moving to his parents’ house. However, he remarked how the channel would continue in an irregular format.

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The Latest Pokémon Games

Released in November 2022, Scarlet/Violet marks the ninth generation of the longtime Pokémon franchise. Following Scarlet/Violet‘s launch, the games became the most pre-ordered Pokémon title in history. In just eight weeks, the Generation IX games bested Sword and Shield‘s sales record, which took three years for the Generation VIII titles to reach. To put the games’ popularity into perspective compared to other popular titles, Scarlet/Violet defeated Animal Crossing: New Horizons in eight weeks on the number of units sold in the same time frame.

Despite Scarlet/Violet‘s groundbreaking sales record, the games are not without their issues. After two months of players enduring many technical problems. The Pokémon Company announced that a software update, Update Ver 1.2.0, would arrive in late February. This version will “include bug fixes and add functionality.” It’s unclear if the upcoming patch will include any performance improvements, but The Pokémon Company told fans to “look forward to more details.” As of writing, it’s undetermined if the added functionality means Scarlet/Violet will receive integration with the storage service Pokémon HOME.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Anime News Network


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