Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora: Release Date, synopsis, voice actors, and more

Harukanaru Aoi Sora

Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora takes place in an alternative continuity from the episodes titled, I Choose You!; The Power of Us; and Secrets of the Jungle.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is the synopsis of Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora?

According to media outlets, the one-time special episode revolves around the time when the series’ main protagonist, Satoshi aka Ash Ketchum crosses paths with the mysterious boy named Haruto.

When will Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora be released?

Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora is slated to drop on 23rd December 2022. Pokemon (2019): Harukanaru Aoi Sora Episode 1 title is “The Distant Blue Sky”.

Haruto’s encounter with Ash explored

Haruto first crosses paths with Ash when he was trying to find his Pikachu that has been missing since the previous night.

Moreover, it showed Haruto taking Ash to where Team Rocket is located. The duo further went on to free Pikachu before sending the trio off.

Consequently, Haruto revealed to Ash that he always wanted to touch a Pokémon but never had the opportunity. 

Ash on the other hand tried to find a Pokémon for Haruto to touch. He also used Diglett, Dodrio, and Kakuna during his mission. However, they ended up getting him into trouble.

Later, Haruto took Ash to a house where Oran Berries grew as the latter started getting hungry. But they later learned that the Oran Berries have disappeared.

In addition, they met with the couple who were currently occupying the house, So and Sae.

Who are the voice actors in Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora?

The following are the voice actors that appeared in Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora: 

Ash voiced by Rica Matsumoto

Jessie voiced by Megumi Hayashibara

James voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki

Nurse Joy voiced by Kei Shindō

Delia voiced by Masami Toyoshima

Ren voiced by Wakana Minami

Haruto voiced by Arisa Sekine 

So voiced by Akemi Okamura

Sae voiced by Satoru Inoue

Where and how to watch Pokemon Journeys: Harukanaru Aoi Sora?

International fans can catch this episode on the official website of Netflix and Crunchyroll. Meanwhile, audiences in Japan can stream it on local television networks.

Harukanaru Aoi Sora

More about Pokemon Journeys

Pokemon Journeys is the eighth installment in the Pokémon franchise. Additionally, it follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum and the new protagonist Goh as they embark on a journey across the eight regions of the Pokémon franchise.

In the anime, Ash ascends the ranks of the World Coronation Series as Go works on his Project Mew assignment.


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