Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Chesnaught Tera Raid Guide

Pokémon Chesnaught as seen in anime Pokémon and Chestnaught during a raid in video game Pokémon: Scarlet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet‘s next 7-Star Tera Raid will be Chesnaught, the Grass/Fighting-type starter from Kalos. Like other Pokémon 7-Star Raids, players will have two chances to battle Chesnaught, though only one can be captured per save file. The event will run from May 12 to May 14, then later again from May 19 to May 21. This powerful Chesnaught will have a Rock Tera Type, likely alongside a moveset that will focus on STAB damage from its Grass/Fighting dual-type. Due to this, it will resist Fire, Flying, Poison, and Normal attacks while being weak to Grass, Water, Fighting, Steel, and Ground. Luckily, these are some of the best and most common offensive types in Scarlet and Violet.


Chesnaught will take advantage of its high Defense and Attack stats, likely with moves like Body Press and Stone Edge, as well as its signature move, Spiky Shield, which protects against all damage while injuring the attacker. Taking past 7-Star Raids into account, it is also very likely that Chesnaught will have its Hidden Ability, Bulletproof, which protects against “ball and bomb” moves like Aura Sphere, Gyro Ball, or Seed Bomb. This does not stop Chesnaught from using these moves, however, so Seed Bomb should not be discounted. Chesnaught can also learn the Ground-type move Earthquake, so Steel-types should take care.

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Use Annihilape’s High Attack to Take Chesnaught Down

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Primeape’s newly-introduced evolution Annihilape’s Fighting/Ghost typing makes it an excellent counter for this Raid, as it is immune to Fighting-type attacks and resists Rock-type. Giving it an Adamant nature, maximum EVs into its HP and Attack, and its Defiant ability will take advantage of its already impressive base stats. Further, giving Annihilape a Shell Bell will help it remain healthy throughout the fight — particularly after it lands enormously powerful attacks. Finally, a Fighting Tera Type will boost Annihilape’s Drain Punch and Rage Fist attacks with additional STAB damage.

This build focuses primarily on utilizing Annihilape’s stats and typing by working up to its signature, very powerful move, Rage Fist. Using Screech first to lower Chesnaught’s high Defense is recommended to take full advantage of Annihilape’s physical attacks. Drain Punch can then be used to keep Annihilape’s HP up while building up its Tera Orb’s charge. Finally, Rage Fist will swiftly bring Chesnaught down once Annihilape is Terastallized. Rage Fist is ideal for the end of the Raid, as it increases in damage the more Annihilape has been hit by attacks.

Utilize Gholdengo’s STAB Damage

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Though Gholdengo is vulnerable to Chesnaught’s Earthquake, its Steel/Ghost Typing makes it immune to Fighting-type moves, and resistant to Chesnaught’s Rock and Grass moves. Putting maximum EVs into HP and Special Attack alongside a Modest nature will take advantage of Gholdengo’s base stats and pair well with powerful Special Steel-type attacks, which will deal super effective STAB damage. Lastly, giving it the ever-popular Shell Bell will help Gholdengo stay healthy in battle as it boosts Special Attack.

This build is focused on bringing Chesnaught down as quickly as possible by boosting Gholdengo’s Special Attack stat to deal Chesnaught enormous STAB damage. Nasty Plot can be used several times in a row to achieve this or be paired with Metal Sound to lower Chesnaught’s Special Defense. Then players should utilize Flash Cannon to simultaneously build up the Tera Orb’s charge and finish Chesnaught off.

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Take Advantage of Lurantis’ Strengths

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Though it may seem an unusual choice, Lurantis’ Grass-typing and Hidden Ability Contrary make it a powerful counter to Chesnaught’s strengths. Putting maximum EVs into HP and Special Attack with the remaining in Defense and giving Lurantis a Modest Nature is important to giving it the best advantage possible, alongside a Shell Bell to keep it healthy.

The ability, Contrary, is critical to this build, as it reverses negative stat changes by boosting them instead, allowing the super-effective move Leaf Storm to become incredibly powerful over the course of the battle. Equally important are the moves Ingrain and Grassy Terrain in order to provide consistent passive healing. These moves should be used as soon as possible to set Lurantis up for success. Though using Leaf Storm to boost Lurantis’ Special Attack is the priority of this build, Giga Drain is also a helpful tool to recover HP and deal damage, particularly in the end-game if Leaf Storm runs out of PP. A PP Max should be applied to Leaf Storm before the Raid to help alleviate this problem.


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