Power Rangers Casts Its First Female, Full-Time Red Ranger

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The Power Rangers franchise achieves a new milestone with the announcement of its first female, full-time Red Ranger in the upcoming 30th season.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury blazes a new trail with the franchise’s first female, full-time Red Ranger.

On Jan. 17, Power Rangers Dino Fury and Cosmic Fury star Hunter Deno confirmed that she would be shedding her Pink look for a set of new Red Ranger duds for the upcoming series. Deno stated in the post, “I’m gonna finally let you in on a secret I’ve had to keep for a very long time now… I am…. the… Cosmic Fury… RED RANGER!… I am officially the first full series Female Red Ranger leading a team of Rangers.” Deno added, “My 5-year-old self would tell you she couldn’t be red because girl rangers were pink or yellow. I wish I could go back and tell her women can wear red and be leaders too.”

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Deno’s Roles in Power Rangers

Deno has been a part of the Power Rangers franchise since making her debut on 2021’s Dino Fury, where she portrays Amelia Jones, aka the Pink Ranger. The series centered around the Rangers’ fight against the villainous Void Knight, as well as the Void Queen in its second season, both of whom were later revealed to be Amelia’s parents. Cosmic Fury is set to continue the previously established storyline, with the Rangers taking on new and returning threats, including recently returned franchise icon Lord Zedd.

Along with the release of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, the franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Forever, which will reunite cast members from the series’ earliest seasons. Among those returning are David Yost, Walter Emanual Jones, Karan Ashley, Johnny Young Bosch, Steve Cardenas and Catherine Sutherland. Charlie Kesh will be making her franchise debut as the daughter of Trini Kwan, famously played by Thuy Trang, who tragically lost her life in 2001.

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Netflix’s Power Rangers Reboot

The 30th-anniversary special and Cosmic Fury will effectively close out the original series ahead of Netflix’s reboot with their own Power Rangers universe. So far, Netflix is slated to be releasing at least one feature film and one series in their Power Rangers run. The End of the F***ing World creator Jonathan Entwistle will serve as executive producer, while The Thing About Pam showrunner and co-creator Jenny Klein directly oversees the projects.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is slated to premiere sometime in 2023.

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