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Preview and Recap: Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 (Article ready)

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi has discovered that Kisaki Tetta’s goal with the battle of 3 August, to kill Draken then fill the empty seat that would’ve opened up as Tokyo Manji Gang No. 2. Later he met with Tshifuya, who told him about Baji’s plan to get rid of Kissaki Tetta, and he didn’t join Valhalla to dethrone Mikey. Thifuya also reveals that since Kisaki Tetta is in Toman, it means the throne is empty. Let’s find how Takemichi will find his resolve in the recent episode of Tokyo Revengers below.

Takemichi traveled back and meet with Draken at the jail, who told him the shocking truth. Takemichi reminds Draken about the biker gang twelve years ago called Valhalla that had an unknown leader. He asks if their leader is Kisaki Tetta and Draken replies that Mikey is Valhalla’s leader. Valhalla’s, a gang put together for Mikey and Tokyo Manji Gang, was taken over by Valhalla, and new Toman got created with Valhalla as its parent organization. That day it was the first loss of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Draken wonders why he couldn’t realize that one day since Mikey carried the whole burden alone at the age of a 15-year-old kid. Mikey had a braw with Valhalla No.2 Kazutora and killed him while everyone is watching. After killing Kazutora, Mikey never gets caught because Kisaki has prepared a patsy for him. Mikey got swallowed by darkness, and Valhalla took over Tokyo Manji Gang. Valhalla expanded into a giant organization with Mikey as the commander and Kisaki Tetta as the acting commander.

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Previously on Tokyo Revengers Episode 18

The episode title is ”Open Fire.” Draken reveals that Mikey is the reason Kisaki Tetta wanted to join Tokyo Manji Gang from the beginning. Takemichi wonders why Mikey killed Kazutora since he believes that Mikey would never kill anyone. Draken replies that he will never say since he is not in the same position as Mikey in the past. If it was like that, Takemichi would have also killed Kazutora like Mikey did since Kazutora killed Mikey’s brother. Takemichi realizes that he heard this case in the past narrated by Baji, and it happened a few weeks before Mikey’s birthday.

Draken reveals that Baji got killed in front of Mikey. Takemichi realizes that Kazutora killed Baji since Baji was an eyewitness when Kazutora killed Mikey’s brother. Draken reminds Takemichi that everything happened when he was there. On 29 October 2017, Takemichi and Naoto come out of jail with disappointment, but they have to find the truth for Takemichi to travel again. Takemichi wonders what the next step is, and he still believes that Mikey would never kill anyone.

He realizes that he has seen Baji and Kazutora lying on the ground dead and Mikey with blood all over his body. Takemichi comments that he has no idea if these are real and said he wants to save Mikey and prevent death. They both headed home and talked about the Battle on Bloody Halloween that ended in Tokyo Manji Gang’s defeat. Sano Majiro ( Mikey) murdered Hanemiya Kazutora, and it was Kisaki Tetta’s scheme. Mikey killed Kazutora because he was close to Baiji and Takemichi realizes that they also have to save Baji.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

 Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members: Tokyo Manji Gang vs. Valhalla

If they succeed, Mikey won’t make mistakes and kill Kazutora. Naoto comments that they can stop Kisaki’s scheme and Takemichi’s mission is to protect Baji Keisuke. The two realize that they have been saving those boys one by one since they have cleared Draken’s case. Naoto realizes that it will be a difficult mission since it involves three pillars of two gangs. Takemichi traveled to the past and walked Hina home, who gave him a present. Draken meets with Kazutora talking about stoping the upcoming battle.

Kazutora speaks his mind while Chifuyu and Takemichi confront Baiji the next day. In the evening, the Tokyo Manji Gang assembles, and Draken makes a huge announcement that they will prepare for battle against Valhalla. Mikey announces that they will brawl with Valhalla in the morning and no mercy for a traitor like Baiji. Takemichi wonders how he will stop the fight, and Mikey confirms that the battle is real. Kisaki is glad that is what he wanted. On 31 October 2005, the day of battle arrives, it is Tokyo Manji Gang vs. Valhalla.

The boys went to the battlefield, and Takemichi is surprised to see new faces. Chifuya reminds Takemichi that it is Tokyo Manji Gang vs. Vahalla. The winner of today’s conflict will be one step closer to running Tokyo. They also see that Haitani Brothers, Charismatic Brothers have come to watch the battle. The punk overseeing the fight arrives and makes an announcement. The punk reveals that his name is Hansen, from the Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members. Chifuyu told Takemichi that Hansen is the referee of the battle.

Takemichi wonders if other Biker’s Gang will sit and watch the two gangs clashing. The invincible Mikey steps forth, leading his men. The first brawl with be five-on-five with the best from both gangs. Draken told Kazutora that if they win, they will get Baji back. Kazutora breaks the rule and punched Hansen, the ref. The war begins as they shower each other with barrages.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 is Sunday, 15 August 2021, at 2:08 AM. The new episode is available every Sunday. You can get the latest episode on Saturday if you are in other countries. The anime has more to reveal since it has an infinity episode, don’t miss the next one. Let’s look at the Tokyo Revengers official preview below.

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 19?

You can watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 online on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS. Tokyo Revengers has English subtitles on the official platform. This anime has an official Twitter account and website where the latest news gets updated daily. All the episodes are available online for those who missed the previous episodes.

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