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Home » Preview & Recap: Mage & Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 9 (Article ready)

Preview & Recap: Mage & Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 9 (Article ready)

Mage and Demon Queen

Malori is on the run with Velverosa after they have failed to defeat a demon. So soon, we will find out how this goes on in Mage & Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 9. Thanks to her mentor, Malori managed to teleport away and managed to land in the neighboring continent. They have moved across the sea and made it outside the demon’s territories which makes them safe, at least for the moment. They could not confront the demon in its home territory because even if they won the battle, it would have attracted more attention for them. 

So fleeing the scene was their only way out of this, and they ended up in the continent of Folstina. They teleported in a hurry, so they could not get a precise location of where they will appear. Cecilia did not reveal exactly why she did not want to fight the demon. 

She told Malori that it was simply because she did not want to do the dirty work for her. She had the hero sword with her, and one thing surprising about it is why she did no use it by then. 

One characteristic of the hero’s sword is that it is very powerful. But only the one who is considered the true hero can wield the sword. So this brings up another question on whether Cecilia could not use the sword because she is not a hero. 

So she must be looking for someone who could use it if it is true that she is unable to use it. For now, they should be safe since they came across Velverosa’s childhood caretaker, Fillone. Soon we should see how their interaction will continue as she mistook them for enemies the first time she saw them.

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Mage and Demon Queen

Mage and Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 9

Previously on Mage & Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 8

The latest episode of Mage & Demon Queen took us back to a time when Cecilia, Velverosa, and Malori faced a very powerful demon within the demon’s territories. Cecilia immediately teleported the three of them away as Velverosa was already fatally wounded. 

Malori revealed that Cecilia could have easily defeated the demon, given that she has the hero’s swords with her. But for reasons she did not want to disclose fully, Cecilia did not want to face the demon at the moment, and it would be better if she left the fight. 

The demon looked terrifying as none of Malori’s magic spells could work against it. It also demonstrated the ability to scan the entire demon continent instantly, as we had seen when Cecilia escaped, and it was able to know instantly that Cecilia and Malori were no longer within the continent. 

Upon arriving in Folstina, they were ambushed by a strange woman who thought that they might have kidnaped princess Velverosa. After a brief hostile encounter, they realized that they are not enemies and started making up and catching up on what has been happening.

What has been interesting is the highlight on the demon slayer sword that Cecilia currently holds with her. The upcoming episodes of this webtoon will likely touch on that and if Cecilia can use this sword.

A hero can only use the demon slayer sword. So if Cecilia can not use it, then it will really mean that she is not a hero. Knowing her, she would try to find someone capable of using it. And as a mentor, then she might as well take up the role of mentoring them on martial and sword arts. 

Mage & Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date

Mage & Demon Queen Season 3 Episode 9 will be released on 19 August 2021. The episode will also be known as Mage & Demon Queen chapter 136. As a webtoon that runs weekly, we will be getting a new episode or chapter every Thursday. You can also read more on the official website of Webtoon.

So we should expect more updates to come next week. This is where we will see how things will continue with Fillone, who introduced herself as Velverosa’s childhood caretaker. Velverosa is currently unconscious, and she seems to be fatally wounded, so we should see how they intend to help her in her critical situation.

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