September 20, 2021

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Preview & Recap: Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 6 (Article ready)

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

This anime has recently released the latest episode, and we will be looking at the updates Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 6. The Dorm Mother has now used the life of the dorm and the girls who always toy with him. The girls decided to go on summer vacation during summer break. Serene is bothered by something and heads to her room. Koushi wonders what he has done to make Serene upset. Koushi decides to console Serene. The episode title: ”Serene the Shut-in.” Koushi enters her room.

He notices that the room is dirty and can’t find Serene, but she falls from the top and lands on his head. Koushi asks her why there is trash inside the room, and Serene replies that it is not trash, but her sleeping place has collapsed. Koushi wonders why Seren sleeps on top of a bookshelf. Serene talked about the Lunar thing, and Koushi realizes he understands nothing about what Seren is saying. Serene told Koushi to repair the floor using Lunar technology if he agrees to become Serene’s servant.

Koushi asks her if she came the night he sleeps in Mis Kiriya’s room. Serene realizes that she saw Koushi kissing Kiriya and decided to leave since there were about to do it and wonders if they did it. Koushi realizes that Serene is not giving him a proper answer, which means she has seen everything. Serene asks if he is here about the vacations since she heard Atena expressing her interest. Koushi denies it, and Serene reveals that she is not against the holiday. But here, activities are limited to the dormitory and the college campus.

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Previously on Mother of the-Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 5

Serene also told Koushi that she has never set a foot outside of this area. So there is no sense for her to go on a vacation. Koushi is surprised that she is a dorm and school person. Serene comments that staying around the dorm and school brings peace to her mind. They both settle the matter, and Koushi head to meet the other girls. Koushi talks about how they can make Serene happy, and Frey said they could find potential segments and gift them to Serene.

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

Mineru adds that they will be creating a portable safe zone that Serene can carry with her even on their trip. Atena wonders what they are looking for, and Koushi said it is something from the moon. Mineru reminds them that Serene is bound to this place since she has been here longer than them. Frey comments that they have been content to let the mystery behind Serene remain a mystery. The next day Koushi head to school thinking about finding that thing for Serene.

He saw Sutea and confronts her telling her about the summer and Atena. Koushi notices that Sutea is wearing a mini skirt, and he can see part of her chest. Koushi realizes that it is that time of the year. Sutea asks him what he is saying about summer. Koushi told her about summer vacation and cooled her down using ice since she was suffering from the heat. Sutea decided that she will go to supervise if anyone is messing with Koushi. Later, they went on vacation, and Atena thought she got a chance to do it with Kosugi. But Mineru arrived and said she is assaulting Koushi. The next day Koushi and the girls went to the beach and made Surene happy.

Mother of the-Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 6 Release Date

Mother of-the-Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 6 will be released on Wednesday, 17 August 11:00 PM. The new episode of Mother of-the-Goddess’ Dormitory air online on Wednesday. This anime is left with four episodes to conclude this season, don’t miss the next updates. Let’s look at the Mother-of-the Goddess’ Dormitory preview below.

Where To Watch Mother-of-the Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 6?

You can watch Mother-of-the-Goddess’ Dormitory Episode 6 online on HIDIVE and ANIPLUS. Mother-of-the-Goddess’ Dormitory has its Twitter account and website. The new episodes of Mother-of-the-Goddess’ Dormitory air on HIDIVE with English subtitles.

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