October 22, 2021

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Preview & Recap: The Honor at Magic High School Episode 8

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor: at Magic-High School Episode 8 will release soon; let’s find more about the magical academy in the recent episode of this anime. On 6 August 2095, the Nine Competitions School tournaments begin. The students start with Speed Shooting Rookie Tournament qualifying rounds. The announcers reveal that the qualifying rounds for speed shooting have begun with Shizuku. Tatsuya is overseeing the students to check if there will be ones who chest using their magic powers. The students from another school are impressed by the way Shizuku is not missing her target.

The rival team noticed that snd the leader asks Shiori if she knows the tactics that Shizuku is using. Shiori replies that Ms. Katayama must have divided the field into multiple sections and activated Oscillation Magic at the area where the clay scattered. The leader wonders what will happen if Shizuku competes with Shiori. Shiori believes that the girl has a problem with range specification. The leader comments that the format will change after the semifinals to one where two types of clay will scatter. That will call for the magic of even higher precision. Shizuku scored a perfect score of 100/100.

Shiori steps up and comments that it is her specialty and realizes that she can nullify Shizuku’s magic. The two met at the passage, and Shiori challenged Shizuku while Tatsuya listened to the duel words between the girls. Shiori said her name and her surname and that she is from Third High. She prised Shizuku for getting perfect magic and that Shizuki is skilled, but they will face each other at the semifinals. Shizuku comments that Shiori is intending to lose in the semifinals since she will be meeting her. The challenge is on, and Shiori decided to back up her words before the SF begins.

Previously on The Honor at Magic High School Episode 7

Shiori entered the field and wanted to show Airi that she can beat Shizuku in the upcoming SF. The students watch Shiori as she put on a show and realizes that she is using Oscillation Magic to destroy the clay target and wonders how the fragments hit the other targets one after another. Shizuku comments that it is because of a movement spell. Eri is surprised how Shiori is handling each fragment’s movement in an instant. Honoka thinks that only a supercomputer could do what Shiori is doing.

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School

Airi is glad that Shiori’s precision is even sharper than before. Three years ago, in 2092, Aira was not wrong about Shiori by looking up to her when they entered the competitions. Aira realizes that she told Shiori that she would reach even great heights by working harder. The two became best friends ever since, and Shiori honed her natural spatial recognition and calculations skills at the Kanazawa Magical Physics Institute. Shiori acquired extraordinary eyesight to instantly convert anything she sees into numerical formulas applicable to magic.

She can predict everything, and Shiori also gets a perfect score of 100/100. Inside the dressing room, Shiori talks with her partner and Shizuku. The guy reveals that he analyzed the magic that Shizuku used in the quarterfinals. Shizuku cast Convergence Magicto to increase their density relative to space to get the target quickly. The other students continue with the competitions. Tatsuya reminds Honoka of all the training they went through. Honoka remembers all the embarrassing moments that happened when she trained with Tatsuya. Honoka entered that stage and stole the show, and advances to the next rounds. The tournament continues.

The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 8 Release Date

The Honor at Magic: High-School Episode 8 will be released on Saturday, 21 August 2021, at 11:30 PM. This anime airs every week with the release of a new episode. The Honor at Magic: High-School is left with four episodes to conclude the episode finale. Let’s look at The Honor at Magic High School preview below.

Where To Watch Honor at Magic-High School Episode 8?

You can watch The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 8 online on Funimation and Bilibili. The Honor at Magic-High School has daily updates on the Twitter account, the official website, and other platforms.

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