Preview & Recap: Tower Of God Chapter 504 (Article ready)

Tower Of God has returned and released two chapters in one day, but we will be looking at the upcoming Tower Of God Chapter 504. The chapter continues after Lord Yama getting betrayed and stabbed in his chest. They think that Yama’s death will solve everything, and he deserves to die. Doom has discovered that it is a Pure Breed Dog: Mongrel. Doom is glad that things have been settled and wonder if those guys inside the Control Room can make their way in this path. Koon and Rak are hunting more fish since they have defeated the crab monster.

The trio uses Lure Imitation to get as many fish as possible, and Koon realizes Lure Fishing uses fake bait to attract and catch the fish. The monstrous crab revives and comments that the brats make their flashlight look like bait to lure fish to one area. The crab told them he wouldn’t sit quietly and watch them doing that, and Koon told Rak to attack. Koon told Rak to follow the plan, and Rak uses his weapon to attack the crab. The crab wonders if these guys are drawing his attention to fool him and notice that they target different fish.

Rak is aiming for redfish and acts like he is fighting with the crab. The crab tries to fight, and the guys managed to get the fish that they want. Koon is glad that they are succeeding. The crab wonders how the brats keep on hitting their target so well, like they can read the movements of the fish, and they miss him but keep on hitting the fish. But they are not trading the fish for symbols to get objects. The two targeted a redfish with the triangle symbol.

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Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 503

The crab notice that Rak and Koon are using the same pattern, and they keep on getting redfish with triangles. He realizes that they are strengthening the coin’s value with the triangle symbol, and they will have a coin with a triangle symbol on it. The crab decided to stop the two from achieving their goal. He told them that he had found their plans and has reasons for agreeing to play this game with them, but they underestimated him. The crab adds that he has confidence that Rak and Koon and will lose.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Rak wonders what the crab was talking about when he said he has a unique secret ability that they don’t know. The Special Ability: King Crab Bubbles and Koon notice that the crab trapped the fish inside the bubbles. But they realize that it won’t give them a problem and wonder why he is trapping blue fish leaving the redfish they are targeting. The crab teases them and is sad since he is about to ruin their plans and explains what they are about to do to increase the coin’s value.

The crab also told them that their effort went in vain since he would blow up all the hard work. The trio notice that the crab is killing the fish for them not to hunt. The crab told them he wouldn’t care if the value of their coin increase, but he will destroy everything. They both continue talking about the value of the coins and triangle. The crab realizes that those guys fooled him, and he told them that they cheated on him. Later the trio completes their mission and gets a lot of money. Lord Yama survived the blow and revived and reunited with Doom. The two realize that they have to save more Dogs and bet Ysasurachya.

Tower Of God Chapter 504 Release Date

Tower Of God-Chapter 504 will be released on 15 August 2021. This manga has returned with two new chapters, but we are expecting a new chapter on Sunday, and if it is late, it will be available during the week. Tower of God releases a new chapter every week. We have not got access to the official website to read Tower Of God chapters.

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