September 25, 2021

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Preview & Spoilers: The Honor at Magic High School Episode 7 (Article ready)

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic-High School Episode 7 will air online soon, but the recent episode aired a few days ago. The story of students continues as they use magic to fight against evil and crime. The dispute between Course 1 and Course 2 students was about to be resolve during the meeting. But the bandits attack the school, and the students worked together to take the enemies down. Later after the battle, Miyuki and Tatsuya went out, and he told her that he will always make her stay happy.

The episode begins with Honoka and Shizuku checking the exam results online. Miyuki took the 1st position, followed by Honoka, Shizuki, and the fourth is Hagane. Honoka is glad that they are near Miyuki. Shizuku comments that is what they expected since it is tough to dethrone Miyuki from the first spot. Honoka congratulates Miyuki for taking the first spot. Miyuki is glad that when they match the whole academy’s records, her name is near her brother Tatsuya Shiba.

Shizuki feels disappointed that Miyuki always wants to stay near her brother. Honoka comments that it is adorable, but the scores should get all three picked for the Nine School Competition. Shizuku agrees and comments that she cram like crazy to make it this far since she wants the chosen one. Miyuki notices that Shizuku is on fire and asks her what is happening. Shizuku forgets that she unleashes her magical powers out of excitement; Honoka comments that the Nine School Competition always sends Shizuku into beast mode. Miyuki told her this year she wouldn’t be a spectator but a contestant. The Student Council member assembles in the Studen Council Office.

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Previously on The Honor at Magic High School Episode 6

The episode title is ”Nine School Competition Day of Inaguration.”  The students realize that there are no official announcements on the line-up of those who score higher for the upcoming competitions. But this year’s class of rookies is so deep, and they can depend on them. The president is impressed by the students’ hard work and comments that Mitsui and Kitayama are sure to be picked, too. The president said that The National Magic High Scholl Goodwill Tournament of Magic Skills is also known as the Nine Schools Competition.

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School

Miyuki is there listening to the story since she falls under the category of rookies. The president also said that the cream of the crop of magical high students gathers to compete against each other on the dazzling stage every year. She also told Miyuki that she expects extraordinary things since Miyuki is a valuable asset to their team. Miyuki agreed and promised to bring the best out of her.

Later Tatsuya gathered the students in the field and told them his name and that he is from Class 1-E. During the Nine Schools Competition, he will judge their CADs, create training regimens, and formulate strategies. Miyuki is glad that she is working with her brother. but the girls thought a female would lead them. In the future noon at home, Miyuki pranked Tatsuya, but it backfires when Tatsuya falls unconscious, but she uses her magic to wake him up. The day of the Nine School Competition arrives, and it is about to begin. Miyuki met with another contestant and realizes that there are formidable opponents.

The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 7 Release Date

The Honor at Magic: High-School Episode 7 release date is Saturday, 14 August 2021, at 11:30 PM. This anime is available every Saturday online with a new episode. The Honor at Magic: High-School is left with five episodes to conclude the episode finale.  Let’s take a look at The Honor at Magic High School’s official preview below.

Where To Watch Honor at Magic-High School Episode 7?

You can watch The Honor at Magic High-School Episode 7 online on Funimation and Bilibili. The Honor at Magic-High School has a Twitter account, official website, and other platforms. Let’s meet when the anime releases the new episode of The Honor at Magic-High School.

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