September 24, 2021

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Preview: Walker Season 1 Episode 18 (Article ready)

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Walker Season 1 Episode 18

With episode 18, Walker bids us adieu to Season 1. But that’s not the end of the ride as The CW has a season 2 in-store as well. But the coming second season will depend on how the finale of Walker works out. Recently on the show, we thought we finally had a conclusion for all the things Walker went on to do by crossing the lines. Walker was back on his job, and everyone celebrated his return until the recent bomb threat case reminded him of something. The government hasn’t been listening to people when things go bad, and this leads Walker to a criminal responsible for his wife’s death as well as the main culprit behind this.

So who is he? Well, the most unexpected it seems since he literally celebrated Stan’s return as a ranger. This saw no one even getting a hint about him. Apart from that, relationships were developed, including Geri and Walker’s throughout the recent episode. Also, Micki and Trey’s relationship hit a little stumble when both had different family plans. So before we move into the next episode, let’s break down what happened recently on Walker and how it may affect the finale.

Walker S01 E17 Recap

The seventeenth episode of Walker opened up with Walker’s return as the ranger. More than Walker, it’s Stan celebrating his return. Back at home, things are getting good. It’s spirit week at school, and Stella suggests it’s high time Augie should confess his love to Ruby. Meanwhile, Trey’s mom meets Micki for the first time. Plus, Trey wonders if they should really listen to her mother and have babies after all.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Walker Season 1 Episode 18

From Walker Season 1 Episode 17 Featuring Walker and Micki

Back at school, the election warmth can be felt between Stan and Liam. Until a bomb threat alert comes from school leaving Walker to get everyone away from the location. So the hunt for bombs begins so does the investigation. Amidst this, memories of the school days of Walker resurface, First when Walker drops the kids at Geri’s and continues further while he works on the case. Meanwhile, the kids get along back at Geri’s restaurant. Augie receives an unexpected invitation from Ruby.

Walker also reminisces his actions from the past episodes and gets consolation from Micki. The cops trace the call, and it leads Walker and Micki to former convict Travis Pike. He reveals that the bomb threat was all made up just to get attention from the offices. No one wanted to hear his problems, so he took these measures. Pike’s confession reminds Walker of a confession from another Carlos Mendoza, and he wants to get to the bottom of it as well.

The Ending Of Walker Season 1 Episode 18The Ending Of Walker Season 1 Episode 18

From Walker Season 1 Episode 17 Featuring Stan Morrison

Meanwhile, Stan dismissing many of the cases is brought to the discussion when an associate named Byron comes to question him. In the heat of an argument, Stan pushes him towards rock, and Byron dies. Meanwhile, the dying Carlos Mendoza reveals that Stan was the corrupt cop that offered him money. When Stan finds out that Walker went to see Mendoza, he sends his men who attack Walker.

The episode comes to a close, with Augie letting Ruby go without telling his feelings. He later confesses it to Stella who is going with Bella to meet her parents this summer. Then Walker digging his grave manages to overpower Stan’s men and kills them all with only Stan left alive.

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Walker Season 1 Episode 18 Release Date and Preview

Walker Season 1 Episode 18 is releasing on 12 August 2021 and will air on The CW at 8.00 pm ET. The coming eighteenth season will mark the end of the first season run of Walker. The CW renewed the show for a second-season run earlier this year. So Walker Season 2 will be releasing on October 28, 2021, to continue the story, which will be left off in the first season. You can watch Walker on The CW App and video-on-demand services such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, VUDU, Microsoft, and YouTube TV. Check out the official promo for Walker Season 1 Episode 18 below with a breakdown.

Walker Season 1 Episode 18 is titled “Drive”. The official synopsis of the episode says Stan being the man behind all the mess for Walkers shook their world. It will continue for the town as well once Walker reveals it to them. He may have Stan on the gunpoint, but there are many more connected who will be coming after him. A final conclusion remains which only Stan can answer in the finale of Walker Season 1.

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