PS5’s DualSense Edge New Features Justify Its Price Tag

PlayStation DualSense Edge

One of the main factors in a video game console’s success is the quality of its controller, and the PlayStation 5’s is about to get an upgrade.

One of the main factors in a video game console’s success is the quality of its controller, and the PlayStation 5’s is about to get an upgrade in that regard. On Jan. 26, PlayStation fans will finally be able to get their hands on the DualSense Edge, an updated variant of the console’s standard wireless DualSense controller, with a recent PlayStation 5 update adding software support for the long-awaited controller.

Unfortunately, while the DualShock Edge boasts a healthy variety of customization options and general quality-of-life improvements, it’s also one of the most expensive video game controllers ever produced. With a standard price of $199.99, the DualShock Edge is a hefty investment that may be too costly for all but the most dedicated gamers. In the end, such a purchase comes down to a gamer’s intent and wallet.

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DualSense Edge Adds New Features to an Already Great Controller

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First unveiled at Gamescom 2022, the DualSense Edge is a state-of-the-art controller that many see as Sony’s attempt to compete with the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. Much like the Xbox’s new controller, the DualSense Edge is essentially a better version of the standard PlayStation 5 controller that strives to address any issues players have with the original while improving on its signature immersion features.

Like the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, the DualSense Edge’s main selling point is its extensive customizability. One of the most common complaints about the original DualSense is that players can’t change the controller’s sensitivity settings to suit their preferred playstyle. In contrast, the DualSense Edge allows players to fine-tune nearly every aspect of the controller’s handling, from changing button assignments to altering the sensitivity of the control sticks. These options provide a means for players to customize the DualSense Edge to account for wear-and-tear issues like stick drift and eliminate minor nuisances like unwieldy dead zones.

The DualSense Edge’s commitment to customization is also apparent in the controller’s accessories. Like its closest competition, the DualSense Edge features changeable components — specifically stick caps and back buttons. With three alternate stick caps and two sets of back buttons, the DualSense Edge allows players to swap out what could be an uncomfortable button texture for another, making it easier to play games that require repeated button presses or intensive stick movement.

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The DualSense Edge’s Cost Makes It a Risky Purchase For Non-Competitive Gamers

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Unfortunately, although the DualSense Edge’s new features have been positively received, its price could make it difficult for some players to get their hands on one. With a marketing campaign that highlights the DualSense Edge’s compatibility with fast-paced first-person shooters like Fortnite, Sony is marketing the controller to competitive gamers who are willing to spend more money on their hobby than the average fan. With Esports becoming an increasingly popular and accessible occupation, the DualSense Edge may be trying to tap into a growing market of players whose incomes are directly tied to their ability to compete with other players.

While gamers with accessibility issues would undoubtedly benefit from the DualSense Edge’s customization options, the controller’s steep price may prevent many of them from buying one. As a result, the DualSense Edge will likely find most of its buyers in competitive players with access to larger budgets than most other gamers.


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