October 26, 2021

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Home » Read True Beauty Webtoon Episode 160: Release Date & Spoilers

Read True Beauty Webtoon Episode 160: Release Date & Spoilers

True Beauty Chapter 161

Seojun music video shoot continues next in True Beauty Episode 160, with Jugyeong still surprised. She had no idea what was happening since Gowoon invited her to a music video shoot without telling her whose it would be. With Sujin’s tragedy over, she has managed to establish herself as a successful youtube. But the recent scandals about how her managers used to abuse her contributed to the drop in her youtube followers.

She is currently staying with her mother and still continues with her youtube career as a harp player. So her social status is also recovering gradually. On the other hand, Gowoon has invited Jungyeong to a studio shoot which will be happening over the weekend. It seems to have happened out of pure intentions, but later on, it developed into a surprise for Jungyeong, who met an unexpected person in the studio.

It was finally the time for Sujin to recover from her recent traumatic tragedy, so she was looking forward to spending more time with her friends instead. She went out for drinks with aadas and Jungyeong, so as her long-time friend, she was looking forward to getting some free time from the recent troubles. They talked a little about Sujin’s music YouTubing careers that have recently started. This is coming after she parted ways with her manager, so she rebranded her business to music Youtube.

Suho was also present, so she told Sujin to stop making fun of Jungyeonng, who appears to have a thing for Suho. So Sujin usually teased her about it and wondered if they would end up as an item. This has been what the last episode centered around, with Sujin, on the other hand looking to stabilize her newly found career.

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True Beauty Chapter 161

True Beauty Chapter 161

Previously on True Beauty Episode 159

Sujin and Jungyeong went out for drinks as the drama surrounding Sujin has finally settled. Suho came along with Jungyeong, so Sujin still continued with her tendency of teasing them. They seemed to be having a good time, so it is a good opportunity for Sujin to start healing from her recent tragedies.

It has been thanks to their efforts that Sujin managed to break through her tragedy with her manager. And now Jungyeon is set to make sure that the same thing never happens to Sujin again. Sujin is also seeing her mom’s psychiatrist, who is helping her to recover.

So things will eventually get back on track for her soon. She is a little bit concerned that she is the only one who has to seek treatment after all this tragedy while the perpetrator seems to be doing fine.

But Suho reassured her that the perpetrator would get what’s coming his way, so she should focus on herself in the meantime. She also advises him to talk to Jungyeon about how he truly feels about her. Otherwise, it might be too late if he leaves things to chance.

On their way home, Suho and Jungyeong reminisce about how Sujin has been doing well recently. So there is also a little pressure on Suho due to the conversation he had earlier with Sujin.

So we are yet to see how their fling would end up or if nothing will happen at all. Suho seems to have the intention of talking to Jungyeong about the two of them sooner. As it starts snowing, he asks her to come to see the first snow of the year with her once again next year.

He told her that he would not be going anywhere and he will be around all this time. So finally, it looks like things would move in their favor.

True Beauty Episode 160 Release Date

True Beauty Episode 160 will be released on 25 August 2021. New episodes will be released on Wednesdays as usual unless there is an episode break, of which an announcement is usually made in advance. So things will progress smoothly for the upcoming episode with no expected breaks.

The episode is also known as True Beauty Chapter 160. But the official website uses episodes format instead of chapters to name their weekly releases.

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