Resident Evil 4 Remake Infinite Ammo Weapon Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Leon with a Gun

Resident Evil 4‘s remake can be a rather difficult game, especially for newer players who aren’t yet accustomed to the game’s rapid and violent combat. However, as is Resident Evil tradition, Resident Evil 4 is meant to be played over and over again. Capcom incentivizes players to relive the nightmare with the goal of clearing it faster, cleaner, and more efficiently with rewards both cosmetic and gameplay-changing based on the efficacy and difficulty chosen. One such example of these rewards is the iconic infinite ammunition power weapons that are unlocked for specific types of runs.


These infinite death machines are not only additional tools to help players speed through Resident Evil 4 in record time, but also badges of honor — tangible rewards to commemorate their dedication and prowess in the game. Additionally, after players fight against the odds and struggle desperately to survive the harsh oppression of Resident Evil 4‘s Los Illuminados, these infinite ammo boons serve as a great power fantasy for players to experience on a New Game Plus run. Here are the infinite ammo weapons in Resident Evil 4 and how to unlock them.

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The Infinite Rocket Launcher Is Expensive but Accessible

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Starting off with arguably the most iconic Resident Evil special weapon as well as the easiest to unlock, the Infinite Rocket Launcher is exactly what it sounds like. Resident Evil 4‘s boss-killing, space-hogging, Peseta-eating super weapon can also have infinite ammo, allowing Leon to effortlessly steamroll his way through the game with very little concern. This weapon is extremely simple to unlock. All players have to do is complete the game once. Upon starting New Game+, the Merchant will be waiting outside the Hunter’s Lodge with it in his shop inventory, selling for an astounding two million Pesetas.

The Primal Knife Is Ideal for Defense

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Those who feel nostalgic for the old days or adrenaline junkies looking for a parry-only challenge need look no further than the Primal Knife. The Primal Knife is a seemingly normal knife but with a twist — the exclusive upgrade makes its durability infinite. With the extensive rework the knife got in the Resident Evil 4 remake, this version not only makes the game feel more like the original but serves as an incredible defensive tool that allows for infinite parries and indefinite conservation of ammo. The Primal Knife is unlocked by hitting all 16 Clockwork Castellans in the game and can be purchased in the Bonus Content menu for 1000 CP.

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The Chicago Sweeper Reworks an Iconic Resident Evil 4 Weapon

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Formerly known as the Chicago Typewriter, this 1920s classic is a special submachine gun, and although it has been powered down from its original counterpart, it’s still a fantastic weapon. At first glance, the Chicago Sweeper seems unremarkable compared to other submachine guns, but when fully upgraded, it boasts the highest magazine capacity and damage out of all the SMGs. Of course, with its exclusive upgrade, it becomes an infinite ammo weapon. The Sweeper is unlocked by beating Professional difficulty with an A rank, making this weapon no slouch to earn. With the help of the other special weapons, however, this challenge becomes significantly easier.

Infinite Ammo Makes the Handcannon an Unstoppable Force

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Finally, the most coveted and powerful weapon on the unlockable list is the exclusive Handcannon magnum. As with any other magnum in the game, the Handcannon makes quick work of anything foolish enough to be standing on the muzzle end of it. The Handcannon boasts the highest raw damage of all the magnums when fully upgraded, but in turn, fires and reloads the slowest. Once again, however, all of that scarcely matters when you get the exclusive upgrade for it, removing any need for those rare magnum bullets. To unlock this weapon, players must finish the game on Professional difficulty on a new game save without any of the aforementioned weapons.

It takes a fair bit of work and repeated playthroughs to get all of Resident Evil 4‘s special weapons, but the prizes are well worth the effort. What makes most of these weapons significantly easier to unlock is that all of them (save for the Handcannon) can be done in New Game Plus files, allowing players to run through the game with all their best gear, thus focusing more on amassing as many Pesetas as possible to upgrade these powerful weapons. Of course, players can alternatively spend 30 to 40 Spinels on an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket to skip the grind.


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