Reuniting Achilles and Patroclus in Elysium

Achilles Patroclus Elysium from Hades game

One of Hades’ most important and convoluted quests involves reuniting Achilles with his lost lover, Patroclus. Here’s how to bring them together.

While escaping the underworld is the primary goal in critically acclaimed roguelike Hades, it’s not the only thing that players can do as Zagreus. Throughout the game, he can interact with various other denizens of the Underworld and help to bring them some degree of peace.

In his quest to escape the underworld, Zagreus helps various figures from Greek mythology, notably reuniting the lost lovers Orpheus & Eurydice. And if Zagreus plays his cards right, he’ll also be able to reunite Achilles and Patroclus before he’s able to escape.

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How to Locate and Help Achilles and Patroclus

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The first step to reuniting the lovers is finding them within the Underworld. Achilles is easy. As Zagreus’ mentor, he’s one of the characters who players can interact with in the House of Hades from the start of the game. He’s on the left side of the house, where he offers Zagreus advice and support. Then later on in the game, Patroclus can be found inside a chamber at Elysium. Along with Eurydice and Sisyphus, he’s one of the few shades who won’t attack players, instead offering items.

To unlock conversations with Achilles and Patroclus, players need to give them enough Nectar. This will max out Zagreus’ relationships with them, allowing players to find out just how much the pair miss each other. Eventually, Patroclus will ask Zagreus to pass on the message, “Risk it all,” to Achilles. Upon doing so, Achilles is emboldened to alter his deal with Hades so that can visit Elysium and see Patroclus.

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How to Retrieve Achilles’ Contract with Hades

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To facilitate the reunion between Achilles and Patroclus, players have to unlock the Administrative Chamber which Zagreus was barred from for being a terrible employee. This will take some patience, as it’s a random process. When Zagreus mentions resting for a bit between runs, a flashback where he enters the chamber can be triggered. Finishing the scene makes the chamber available to purchase for three Diamonds.

The “easiest” way to obtain Diamonds is to defeat the Bone Hydra and to collect the bounty for escaping Asphodel. They can be also be acquired by completing certain prophecies from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies and trading with the Wretched Broker. A diamond might also be attained in an extremely rare drop from Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure boon. Alternatively, Charon sells them for 1,000 Gold.

After the chamber has been purchased, Achilles’ contract has to be found. This can be done by maxing out Zagreus’ relationship with his maternal figure, Nyx. When she has received the requisite amount of Nectar, Nyx will reluctantly reveal that the contract is among the mountain of pacts stored in the chamber.

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The Final Stages in Reuniting Achilles and Patroclus

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Once found, Achilles’ contract can be sent to the House Contractor for the necessary revisions. Players will have access to it after Zagreus’ next run, but Hades charges five diamonds for the work. Following the purchase, the pact will be altered despite Hades’ grumblings about it tarnishing the Underworld’s reputation.

As soon as Achilles receives the good news and is told where to find Patroclus, he teleports away from his post in the Underworld. The happy couple can be seen on subsequent runs, standing side by side in Elysium. They’ll thank Zagreus for his help, and Achilles will eventually give him a Chthonic Companion. Achilles will go back and forth between the House of Hades and Elysium for the rest of the game.


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