Revolutionary Road Ending Explained (Article ready)

Revolutionary Road came out for us almost a decade and a half ago, and we still can not get over the plot that it provided us with. Various critics have even dubbed the films as a classic and are majorly in an awe of its blended genre. The main themes that a person can witness in this film are romance as well as drama. The script was penned down by Sam Mendes while work on its screenplay is done by Justin Haythe. As for the plot, it has been adapted from the novel of the same name, which was published by Richard Yates back in 1961.

Actor Leonardo Di Caprio is in the lead role of the story along with Kate Winslet along with him. The story is mainly about Frank as well as April Wheeler, who happen to be a couple in the 50s. We see that the two are trying to survive through both of their personal problems while also dealing with the breakdowns in their marriage. Now, the story starts with Frank Wheeler, who stumbles across April while they both are at a party. Frank works as a longshoreman and a night cashier by profession, while April wants nothing more than to be an actress.

Later, when Frank starts working with Knox Machines, he and April marry. April soon becomes pregnant, and the two decide to move into their own home together. We see that the couple has a lot of friends, such as Helen Givings as well as her husband Howard Givings, and even the Campbell family who lives beside them. From the perspective of their friends, the two are the happiest couple which they have seen. Although, only April and Frank know the problems which they are facing together. April is quite sad about not being able to become an actress.

Revolutionary Road Ending Explained

A still from Revolutionary Road

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Revolutionary Road – Plot

On the other hand, even Frank hates his job where he has to be a part of the tedium of his work. In the event of Frank turning 30, he invited a young secretary to drink and celebrate with him, and they end up sleeping together. All this while, Helen offers April to come to visit her son John at the Asylum, thinking that a younger couple might be able to understand and heal him better.

Now, we see that April is extremely upset given the scenario Frank and her life in. Thus, she suggests to her husband that they should move to Paris in order to start a new life in order to escape the hopeless romanticism of their life. Frank thinks his wife is crazy to even talk about it at first, although later, gets convinced to do so. But soon enough, April becomes pregnant, and thus Frank decides to change the plans. He also accepts the promotion given to him and continues leading an uneventful life.

Revolutionary Road – Ending Explained

Soon, April too hooks up with Shep Campbell in a car and does not regret it even though denying the offer of love that Shep just made. Now, we see that Frank comes to his senses and confesses that he cheated on April but wants to stay loyal throughout. Although, we understand April here when she tells him that it does not matter to her because she has lost all her feelings for him. Tragedy happens when April decides to perform an abortion treatment on herself at home while Frank goes to work. Although, it goes horribly wrong, and she starts bleeding a lot.

Thus, April calls an ambulance in order to admit her to the hospital. But by the time Frank reaches the institution, his wife already had died. Taken by the grief, he moves to the city and starts selling computers. In his spare time, Frank takes care of his two children. Later, the Braces buy their old home and move in. It is when Milly, their neighbor, and Shep’s wife starts describing the whole story of their previous owners, Shep walks out crying and asks never to mention the Wheelers again. On the other hand, even Helen started to talk about how she hates the Wheelers and how Braces are the most suitable for that house.

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