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Home » Rhodanthe* to Release Greatest Hits Album ‘Graduation Album Dai Kansha’ on September 18

Rhodanthe* to Release Greatest Hits Album ‘Graduation Album Dai Kansha’ on September 18

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Rhodanthe* has announced that they will be releasing a greatest hits album titled Graduation Album Dai Kansha on September 18!

This album will feature three completely new songs, including “Kiniro Rhodanthe,” the theme song of the upcoming movie “Kin-iro Mosaic: Thank You!!” which will be out in theaters in Japan on September 20. In addition, the older songs, which were originally recorded with five members, have been rerecorded to include the newest member Ayaka Suwa.

Product Information
☆Product No.: VTCL-60546 – 60547 *Two CDs
☆Price: ¥4,950 (including tax)
☆Comes with special booklet

Tracks *Order not yet confirmed
New songs
♪Kiniro Rhodanthe (theme song of Kin-iro Mosaic: Thank you!!)
Lyrics: yuiko, composition/arrangement: kz (livetune), brass arrangement: Yūsuke Shirato
Lyrics: yuiko, composition/arrangement: Yūsuke Shirato
♪Thank You for Your Smile
Lyrics/composition: Takeshi Nakatsuka, arrangement: Hiroshi Uesugi

Old songs -> Apart from Harmony, all songs have been rerecorded with Ayaka Suwa!
♪Jumping!! (OP theme song of Kin-iro Mosaic)
♪Your Voice (ED theme song of Kin-iro Mosaic)
♪Yumeiro Parade (OP theme song of Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic)
♪My Best Friends (ED theme song of Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic)
♪Happy★Pretty★Clover (theme song of OAD Kin-iro Mosaic: Pretty Days)
♪Shining Star (insert song from OAD Kin-iro Mosaic: Pretty Days)
♪Starring (insert song from OAD Kin-iro Mosaic: Pretty Days)
♪Sakurairo Cherish
♪Satsukiiro Harujion
♪Kiramekiiro Summer Rainbow
…and more for a total of 18-20 songs!

A special unit formed by the five voice actresses who play the main characters of the TV anime Kin-iro Mosaic, which began airing in July 2013. The unit’s name, Rhodanthe, comes from the flower. Symbolically, this flower represents “unchanging thoughts,” which matches the theme of the anime.
They made their CD debut in July 2013 with the single “Jumping!!/Your Voice.” Their first solo concert was held at Zepp Tokyo in May 2014.
In 2015, they released “Yumeiro Parade,” the theme song of Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic, the second season of the anime. In September of the same year, they released an album, which ranked 11th on the Oricon Weekly Chart.
On New Year’s Day in 2016, they held a concert at the Tokyo International Forum.
Although the anime has ended, they have continued doing the radio show Oshaberi Mosaic on the Radio Supporters Club, a members-only smartphone website.

Asuka Nishi (Birthday: February 10, PoB: Hyogo Prefecture)
Manami Tanaka (Birthday: November 21, PoB: Hiroshima Prefecture)
Risa Taneda (Birthday: July 12, PoB: Tokyo)
Yumi Uchiyama (Birthday: October 30, PoB: Tokyo)
Nao Tōyama (Birthday: March 11, PoB: Tokyo)
Ayaka Suwa (Birthday: May 27, PoB: Aichi Prefecture)

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