Rian Johnson Says He’s Avoiding One Thing While Writing the Script

Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc Smoking a Cigar in Knives Out

Ahead of writing Knives Out 3, director Rian Johnson reveals that he is avoiding one key element when making decisions over casting for the next film.

Having wrapped up Knives Out: A Glass Onion Mystery, director Rian Johnson revealed that he is avoiding one thing ahead of writing the third film in the series.

Speaking to Deadline, Johnson stated that whilst he hasn’t begun the process of writing Knives Out 3, he won’t be thinking of specific actors to cast when he does. “No, I’m just starting right now to like kind of fish for ideas,” Johnson said. “I try my best not to like, think of actors too specifically when I’m writing because I don’t want to get my heart broken when they’re not available. Right now, I’m just starting to fish for what would be fun to do next, so we’ll see.”

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Johnson had a similar process when initially casting the character of Benoit Blanc. The director stated that the role wasn’t written for Daniel Craig and he “wrote the character in a vacuum” with no actor in mind. Instead, when Craig was brought in to play the part of the private investigator, he simply fit the role and little change was needed. “It wasn’t like we changed the dialogue or changed the script or anything — just Daniel inhabiting that role and bringing his vibe to it instantly brought it to life,” Johnson said. “No eye patch required, thank God.”

Johnson may not have had any specific actors in mind for his own cast but he has jokingly admitted that he would like to see his titular character Benoit Blanc come face-to-face with The Muppets. He called it a “pretty good idea” and even suggested that he would like to see Kathyrn Hahn in Muppet form too. The Muppets though aren’t confirmed for any upcoming film and Johnson himself was clearly joking about the potential casting of Kermit and co.

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Glass Onion followed the success of its predecessor by becoming the third-most watched film over a 10-day period on Netflix. Having originally been released for a limited cinema run in November 2022, it went on to break records upon release via the streaming platform in December of the same year. In total, the film was watched 82.1 million times over the course of its first 48 hours. It has also been nominated for 73 different awards, including two Golden Globes, and was also voted as one of the National Board of Review’s ten best films of 2022.

Knives Out: A Glass Onion Mystery is now available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Deadline


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