Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 Review & Recap: Pickens Uses Literature To Fight The Heroes

Breaking Down Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13
From Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 Featuring Pickens and Jughead

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 sees Percival using literature against our heroes. Pickens and the heroes of Riverdale are fighting a never-ending battle at this point. Pickens has played his game right, leading him to make the most of the wins over them. With that, at this point, he knows Archie’s weakness. On top of that, before anyone could throw him off the town’s council, he managed to convince council members to make him the Mayor.

So troubles for our heroes have just gotten bigger. While they are still trying to figure out his motives and his next move, Percival plans to use their possessions to break them down. How? Well, let’s find out what went down in the thirteenth episode of Riverdale Season 6 as the heroes face their dark past brought in front of them by Pickens.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 opens with Betty and Archie discussing Betty not being pregnant. Archie, on his side, was all in to start a new life with her. For now, they have to wait for it. Probably, they just have to fight the big bad of town for now.

Meanwhile, the big bad himself, Percival Pickens, plans to close down Riverdale Public Library to open a new hotel. In doing so, he roams around town, recollecting overdue library books from everyone in the town. When someone failed to return them, Pickens decided to take one of their precious possessions as collateral until they return the book.

Events From Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13Events From Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13
From Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 Featuring Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead

Jughead believed there must be a motive behind Percival’s move to retrieve these books. Eventually, it’s all true. Turns out Percival’s plan is to use these possessions against Riverdale’s heroes by turning them into totems. Soon, each one of them finds themselves facing a dark past of theirs that comes to life in front of them.

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Archie sees his dead music teacher while Veronica finds herself facing the spiders. Betty starts remembering her father cleaning blood when she was a kid. Jughead sees his hands bleed out. Worst of all happens with Cheryl, who starts hearing Heather’s voice at her own house.

Cheryl believes the only way to stop him is to find the missing books. Get back the confiscated items and break that spell. Failing to do so, the heroes may have no choice but to face their demons. Eventually, Jughead manages to locate everyone’s book at a place called Barney’s Book Barn in Pennsylvania.

Ending For Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13Ending For Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13
From Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13

The team can now get back their items, but once they do get them, they need to perform a ritual. Everyone decided to retrieve their items except for Veronica. Even Jughead backs out at the last moment. Amidst all of this, if not everyone, Percival managed to get Kevin on his side. On top of that, surprisingly, Reggie too as he shows up at his shop and ends up joining him.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 says out loud that the show finds a way to blend in horror despite leaving it all behind. The nightmares worked great to clear previous plots and develop our characters. We ended up learning more about them and how they plan to counter them as they are way past that experience.

The nightmares indeed brought some memorable storylines, such as Archie and his music teacher back to the spotlight. But apart from all of that, the episode ends up being a filler for most of the part. Especially with the fact that no major damage to our main characters.

Our Thoughts On Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13Our Thoughts On Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13
From Riverdale Season 6 Episode 13 Featuring Pickens, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Cheryl

The only big takeaway from the whole episode was the fact that Percival is no longer alone against Riverdale’s Justice League. New members in the form of Reggie and Kevin join him in his quest, who have their own personal grudges with some of the main characters.

Lastly, Veronica remains one of the few who hasn’t received any sort of power yet. Still, we love the fact that she was ready to let Percival take her father’s painting. This only meant he can use as many spells on her, but she is confident enough to counter them. We wonder if she will be the next target which might make her the next in line to receive superpowers.

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