RPG Fudousan Episode 10 Release Date: Red Dragon Has Awakened!

It seems like RPG Fudousan will take a turn of events in Episode 10 after nine episodic events. So far, we have heard bits and pieces of the dragon, but the post-credit scene in the episode suggests something greater about the existence of the dragons. Can it be related to Fa, and when will Kotone tell the rest of the girls about Fa’s dragon form? Well, these are the questions that will surely be ended before the end of the season, most likely in Episode 10 or 11 of RPG Fudousan. If you cannot wait for the new episode of the RPG Real Estate, then we can discuss it in this article.

Furthermore, we will also be giving you information regarding the release date and time of RPG Real Estate Episode 10 as well as where you can watch the Episode once it is released. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

RPG Fudousan Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of RPG Fudousan had two different events. The girls wanted one more client to achieve their quota for the current month. To achieve their goal, they have a lead, but the client asked them to meet in a forest. In their pursuit of finding the client, they end up in a house with a house that says enjoy our bath. The girls do exactly what they read and end up having a nice bath. However, soon cooked fish starts to flow in the bath. To figure out what’s happening, the girls get out to ask the manager of the inn but find out a stack of cream on the outside and that their clothes are missing.

RPG Fudousan Episode 9 Recap
RPG Fudousan Episode 9 Recap

They figure that they are being cooked and will be eaten. The girls see a silhouette of a Cat and figure that this is the monster that is going to eat them. It turns out that it is an inn that is lacking new customers, and its manager, who is a cat, asks the girl how he can improve and get clients. The girls help him, and instead of getting a client, they get a ticket to enjoy the inn’s hot tub anytime they want. Then they proceed to Star Millniuem and their they right wish for on lanterns. They find a girl who is lost and help her get to her mother, who is a god, and she makes their wishes come true.

RPG Fudousan Episode 10 Preview and Expectations

The most interesting thing we can expect is the arrival of the red dragon in RPG Fudousan episode 10. In the post-credit scene of episode 9 of RPG Real Estate, we saw a new figure who introduced herself as Selenia. She is in a mysterious place, and she is here to wake the Red Dragon. Her purpose is to recover the honor that the Dragonkin has lost, and to achieve that goal, she has awakened the Red Dragon. There might be a possibility that this dragon is related to Fa because she is also a dragonkin. However, to know exactly what will happen with this figure, we will have to wait until the release of the newest Episode of RPG Fudousan.

RPG Fudousan Episode 10 previewRPG Fudousan Episode 10 preview
RPG Fudousan Episode 10 preview

In the preview, we saw that a new customer named Isana has come to Real Estate, and she persistently refers to herself as a young lady. Rufuria is shocked by this new character and keeps getting startled when she asks, “How old do I look?”. Isana tells them she wants a sturdy house in which she can live for a long time which is also the title of Episode 10 “Woes of Longevity! I Need A Sturdy House That I Can Live For A Long Time!”. Can this Isana be the new Red Dragon, and she is in her Human Form just like Fa? Well, that is a possibility, but to find out exactly, we will have to wait until the release of the Episode..

RPG Fudousan Episode 10 Release Date

RPG Fudousan Episode will release on June 8th, 2022, at 21:30 hrs JST (Japanese Standard Timing). The episode might discover some truth about Dragonkin, so make sure to check out once it is released.

Watch RPG Fudousan Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

The episode will release first on Japanese local channels. After a few hours of release, fans around the world can watch the episode on Crunchyroll.

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