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Rumiko Takahashi Draws New Rumic Theater 1-Shot

“Mukashi no Onna” 1-shot debuts on April 5

This year’s seventh issue of Shogakukan‘s Big Comic Original magazine revealed on Friday that Rumiko Takahashi will draw a new one-shot manga titled “Mukashi no Onna” (The Woman From the Past) as part of her Rumic Theater (Takahashi Rumiko Gekijō) series in the magazine’s next issue on April 5. The one-shot will have a color opening page.

The one-shot’s story begins when a ghost appears before a regular married couple living a quiet life. The ghost makes the husband feel guilt, and the wife feels her husband’s trembling. Their average, everyday life begins to crumble.

Takahashi Rumiko Gekijō is an irregular series of shorts that runs in Big Comic Original and has inspired an anthology television anime and a live-action television series. Viz Media published some of the shorts in North America in the 1990s under the title Rumic Theater. Takahashi debuted a short titled “Futeikei Family” for the series last April.

Since making her debut in 1978, Takahashi has created such manga as Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Saga, Rumic Theater, Ranma ½, One-Pound Gospel, and Inuyasha. In her career of over four decades, many of her works have become internationally popular and inspired anime and live-action adaptations.

Takahashi ended her RIN-NE manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday in December 2017. The 40th and final compiled volume of the manga shipped in Japan in January 2018. She launched a new manga titled MAO in May 2019. Takahashi’s Inuyasha manga is also inspiring a currently airing anime spinoff titled Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Han’yō no Yasha Hime), which premiered on October 3.

Source: Big Comic Original issue 7 and magazine’s website

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