Russia Demands Family Guy Be Banned for Season 21 Finale’s Offensive Message

Meg in Russia for Family Guy Season 21 finale

The following contains spoilers for Family Guy, Season 21, Episode 20, “Adult Education (Part 2),” currently streaming on Fox Now and Hulu.

Russia city Chelyabinsk is not pleased with its portrayal in the season finale of Family Guy.

According to Newsweek, Chelyabinsk is seeking to ban the Fox comedy series after its two-part Season 21 finale mocked the town and the country of Russia as a whole. Chelyabinsk regional deputy Yana Lantratova spoke to Russia’s Rise about the city’s issues with the second episode, “Adult Education (Part 2),” which sees Meg singing through the town while a number of unflattering scenes unfold. “The artist has the right to his vision, but this is a deliberately offensive artistic image that has nothing to do with reality,” Lantratova said. “This is a deliberate work against our country. Information warfare through artistic works. They deliberately create an image of Russia as a country where everyone is unhappy with life, drinking, using drugs, taking bribes.”


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Family Guy Angers Russia in the Season 21 Finale

The two-part finale sees Meg, Brian, and Stewie visit Chelyabinsk, where Meg falls for a hacker named Ivan. She decides to stay in the city, singing a musical number reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast‘s “Belle” as she frolics about an extremely dilapidated industrial town. On the way, she encounters a number of severely intoxicated people, sees brawls and bribes, witnesses Russian police beating up a man with a Ukrainian flag, and is spied on by secret agents. The number ends with a nuclear reactor meltdown commencing.

Meg voice actor Mila Kunis herself, along with husband Ashton Kutcher, has been vocal about their support of Ukraine in its war with Russia. Kunis, who was born in Ukraine, will continue voicing the character as Family Guy enters its 22nd season. Whether the season will air in Russia, however, remains to be seen.

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Family Guy is now streaming on Fox Now and Hulu.

Source: via Newsweek


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