Ryman’s Club Episode 10 Release Date: Mikoto and Tatsuru’s Destiny

Mikoto Shiratori
Mikoto Shiratori: Ryman’s Club

Gone are the days when shonen is the only genre that fans admired. The time has changed now and each genre developed its own fanbase the similar case is with the Sports genre. This genre wasn’t that famous in the past but now, Sports anime are loved by millions of fans worldwide. Be it be Haikyuu, Korokono Basket, or Ryman’s club, each anime has its own audience with an unparallel storyline.

Ryman Club is a sports anime based on badminton. There are 9 episodes that have been released of this anime and each episode pushed fans to the edge of their seats. People are waiting eagerly for the ninth episode so In this article, we will discuss the ninth episode in detail. We will also reveal the release date of this episode so make sure to read this article till the end.

Ryman’s Club Episode 9 Recap:

Episode 9 of Ryman’s Club titled Priority is one of the greatest episodes of the series. The episode fulfilled the cliffhanger of the eighth episode when Tatsuru told Mikoto that he wanted to end their double team. This surprising event shocked fans and they were waiting for the next episode eagerly. The ninth episode picked up after the events of the cliffhanger and totally based on Mikoto and Tatsuru. We saw the aftereffects of this decision on Tatsuru and how he managed to stay on track after this huge unexpected blow.

Ryman's club new cast announcedRyman's club new cast announced
Ryman’s Club

The final part was based on Mikoto and his own struggles after his decision. We get to see Mikoto more close than ever and that surely pops up many questions in our minds. Will Mikoto go for the singles? We will find the answer in the ninth episode.

Ryman’s Club Episode 10 Preview and Release Date:

The preview and expected events of the tenth episode of Salaryman’s club are not out yet but it is expected that the episode will feature the after events of the ninth episode. We might see Mikoto and Tatsuru’s destiny and their decision after the disbandment of their duo. Ryman’s Club Episode 10 is scheduled to release on 2 April 2022 worldwide.

Anime Similar to Ryman's Club That You Must Check OutAnime Similar to Ryman's Club That You Must Check Out
Ryman’s Club

Where To Watch Ryman’s Club?

Ryman’s club is available to watch on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You can even simulcast the latest episodes on the same platforms as these platforms support simulcasting. All you have to do is to pay a very small subscription fee.

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