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S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11 Confirmed: Here’s What’s Going On

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11

It looks like our team of heroes will have to take the old-school approach in S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11. Whereas the previous episode saw a big terror attack in motion. Things escalated when the S.W.A.T team found out that there were several dangerous prototype weapons being smuggled into the city. In addition to that, these weapons had the ability to destroy armored tanks, which made them even more dangerous in the wrong hands.

On the other hand, we saw Leroy get into the middle of a tense situation between his friend Dave who was a homeless veteran, and two police officers. However, things could have gone sideways for Leroy as well if Hondo had not arrived there in time. But witnessing the scene, Hondo tried to get an idea about the situation from Leroy and decided to do something about it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Tan seemed to face his own personal issues related to his wife’s recent miscarriage.

The American television series follows the genres of crime, action, and drama involving the S.W.A.T department. The well-known television producers Shawn Ryan and Aaron Rahsaan Thomas have jointly created the show. It first came out on 2nd November 2017 and has been quite successful till now. However, the show is currently airing the fifth season, and the fans are eager to watch S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11. But, let us first take a look at all the action and drama that took place in the previous episode.

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11
A still from S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 10

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of S.W.A.T Season 5 came out on 9th January 2022, and the episode was titled “Three Guns”. The episode opened with Luca spending time with his mentee Kelly and answering her questions. Meanwhile, Kelly’s mom Tuana seemed to be enjoying watching the two talk. On the other hand, we saw Leroy get into the middle of a situation where two police officers were being unfair with his homeless old friend Dave who was also a veteran. Although Dave had controlled the situation and calmed his friend down, the police still arrested Dave, which upset him. Hondo arrived at the moment and promised Leroy he would do something about it and help Dave. Later at the department, Commander Robert asked Hondo to take the team and assist the DEA in catching the cartel and their leader Ricardo.

Although, at the point of action, the team got a surprise when they found a dangerous rocket launcher in the crate that Ricardo was smuggling into the city. Whereas, Tan found DEA agent Lyons on the ground as she had been shot during the action. Coming back to the department, Robert got in touch with DHS agent Gunther who informed them that they had intel of three launchers in total being stolen and smuggled into the city. Whereas Luca and Jim got a number from Ricardo’s phone after questioning him and another number from one of Ricardo’s men. It turned out the numbers were coordinates to a possible location where the remaining two launchers were sent. The team went out to get them, but the weapons were gone.

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11
Gunther, Robert & Hondo with the rocket launcher

However, Chris managed to track an SUV that was on the location previously, and it led them to ERIS group that manufactures high-end military weapons for the U.S. They recovered the second launcher from there. Although, one of their employees was seen fleeing with another launcher in the security camera. It turns out he was an American named Jason, now turned terrorist working with a terrorist organization. Furthermore, the team found out that they were about to shoot down a commercial airplane with almost 800 passengers. S.W.A.T went out and eventually reached the location when they saw a dead security guard on the ground. They soon rushed to the roof, and after an intense shootout and almost getting hit by a rocket, Hondo shot down Jason. Meanwhile, in the end, we saw Luca talk to Tuana about the text she sent for a date. But it turned out Emily was the one who texted on behalf of Tuana to get them to go on a date.

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S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11: Release Date, Air Time & Spoilers

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 11 will release on 23rd January 2022 at 10 pm ET on CBS.” Moreover, the episode will be titled “Old School Cool”. We will see the LAPD under a severe cyber attack from a virus. This will sabotage all the servers and put everyone at risk. Therefore, it will be a challenge for the S.W.A.T to take down the attacker using the old ways.

How To Watch S.W.A.T Season 5? Streaming Details

The action crime drama series has garnered quite a fanbase, and it still grows with the latest season. This has also got the viewers to search about where to watch S.W.A.T Season 5? That question is rather easy to answer. “S.W.A.T Season 5 airs every Sunday at 10 pm ET on CBS in the United States.” Furthermore, the show is also available to stream on Paramount+. Meanwhile, the viewers can also watch the episodes on Youtube TV. Whereas the viewers also have the option to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Other than that, the previous seasons of S.W.A.T are available on Hulu and Netflix.

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