Salute Movie Filming Locations & the Main Visuals

Poster of the recently released movie
Poster of the recently released movie

One of the most thriller dramas of recent times, Salute, is now available on the OTT platform. The movie is attacking the screens with its great storyline, production, casting, and filming locations. The story of this suspense drama is mainly centered on a police officer with an old murder case. If you love watching thriller movies or even reel criminal cases, then you must watch this film.

Salute has undergone many problems and controversies before coming up. You might also know about the previously announced release dates and the planning to release on the theatres. The pandemics in the past few years have affected the whole world with their consequences, this movie was also not untouched. But still, the movie is out and is loved by the people a lot. The movie seems so realistic because of its filming and scenes.

What are the filming locations of the Malayalam movie, Salute? Where can you watch the film? What is the movie about? What is the basic plot of the crime drama? Who all are the movie-makers and the cast members of the thriller movie? To get the answers, go through the blog, as it contains almost everything you need to know about this movie. Also, attention!! Spoilers ahead.

Where is Salute filmed?

This thriller crime drama, Salute, had a very big challenge of choosing the filming locations so that the movie looks realistic. And, I think the movie-makers met the expectations of the viewers. The shooting locations of the film involve Trivandrum, Kollam, Kasargode, and New Delhi. Moreover, the principal photography of the movie started in February 2021 in the location of Kollam in Kerela. The big news about the filming of Salute is, it is the debut of Diana Penty in a Malayalam movie.

Salute Filming Locations

Salute Filming Locations

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The storyline of the movie

Salute has a lot of twists and turns in its story which makes each and every scene of the movie nearly unpredictable, it also makes the movie damn interesting to watch. The basic plot of the movie, Salute, revolves around a criminal case. Aravind, with his brother, is all set to investigate and solve the case. A man is arrested, putting criminal charges on him, making fake shreds of evidence. The two brothers first thought that he was the real culprit, but then the truth reveals.

The Indian mystery thriller film, SaluteThe Indian mystery thriller film, Salute
The Indian mystery thriller film, Salute

Later on, Aravind’s brother doesn’t want the truth to uncover in front of everyone as it might result bad for them and the police team. However, Aravind wanted the man to get freedom and the real criminal to get the punishment. His brother, in fear, tried his level best to deviate him from the case, but after months Aravind wanted the case to solve.

At last, Aravind becomes successful in turning the story towards its best possible end. Now, the whole story of this thriller film is about how Aravind solves the case uncovering the realities before everyone, an unpredictable ending, and unexpected happenings.

More about Salute

Salute is a mystery-thriller action crime drama. This Indian movie is in the Malayalam language. The film aired on 17th March 2022 with a running time of 2 hours 25 minutes on the OTT platform of SonyLIV. As per IMDb, the current rating of this thriller action film is 7.2 out of 10, with mostly positive reviews.

However, the film was originally planned to release on big screens because of some controversies, movie-makers had to choose the online streaming platform. Also, the movie faced various difficulties and multiple changes in its release date due to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 and Omicron in recent years. But now finally you can watch it.

One of the scenes of SaluteOne of the scenes of Salute
In one of the scenes of Salute

Rosshan Andrrews is the director of Salute. The writing credits of this amazing script go to Bobby Sanjay. Dulquer Salmaan is the main actor as well as the producer of the crime drama. Other main star casts of the movie include Manoj K. Jayan, Diana Penty, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Saniya Iyappan, Saikumar, Indrans, Binu Pappu, Alencier Ley Lopez, Sudheer Karamana, Boban Alummoodan, Shaheen Siddique, Ramu, Irshad, Abhiram, and many more.

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