October 26, 2021

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Score a Deal on Staff-Recommended Titles With MangaGamer’s Spotlight Sale

Beloved BL Manga, 'Love Stage!!' Releases Its Live-action Film Adaptation with a Star-Studded Cast on Gagaoolala

September 23rd, 2021-MangaGamer Launches Spotlight Sale!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the same people who work hard to bring you visual novels are also big fans of them, just like you. That’s why MangaGamer is taking this week to honor some of the titles beloved and enjoyed by those who strive day after day to share them with the world!

From now until October 4th, you can grab big discounts on a special selection of titles hand-picked and recommended by the translators, editors, beta testers, and more! In this selection you’ll find titles dear to their hearts and great for fans both new and old looking to experience more of the best visual novels have to offer!


We’ll also be sharing the specific comments from our staff members on social media, so be sure to check MangaGamer out on Twitter!

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