Scream 6 Star Jenna Ortega Teases a ‘Pretty Gory’ Franchise Entry

Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter in Scream

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega, who will star in Scream 6, claims the upcoming sixth film in the iconic slasher franchise won’t skimp on the gore.

Scream 5 star Jenna Ortega revealed what fans can expect to see in the upcoming installment of the slasher film franchise — and it’s gory.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ortega expressed her excitement for the eagerly anticipated sequel and assured fans that the upcoming sixth film in the franchise will have plenty of violence to keep them interested. When asked for information about Scream 6, the actor teased the movie will be a “pretty gory” follow-up that she can’t wait for people to watch.

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Jenna Ortega’s Scream History

Ortega first portrayed high school student Tara Carpenter in 2022’s Scream, with her character being the first attacked by Ghostface. However, the film defied expectations by having her live to fight another day and return in Scream 6 this year. “There was a lot of pressure coming in, especially because my role was initially doing a spin on Drew Barrymore’s part which is obviously legendary,” Ortega said about joining the cast of such an iconic franchise. “I think because I’ve sat with the project long enough, I’ve been able to accept it, but it’s still such an honor to work with Ghostface. It’s a dream.”

Melissa Barrera, who plays Sam Carpenter, recently spoke about the brutal violence in the next installment, alleging that directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett held back on the gore in the previous movie. “With the last Scream, they were tip-toeing and trying to be very respectful of what the franchise had been up until that point and keeping their inner gory dreams at bay. But with this one, they were like, ‘We’re going all out.’ It’s potentially a hundred times gorier.”

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However, there is more than just blood and extreme violence in the next film that viewers should anticipate. In contrast to her performance in Scream 5, which consisted primarily of her “crying and screaming on the floor”, Ortega hinted that fans will see a more developed version of her character Tara in the slasher sequel, as she had to interact with her fellow cast members more, and the filming was far more intense than the production of the fifth film.

While Scream 4 star Hayden Panettiere and franchise veteran Courtney Cox are attached to reprise their roles as Kirby Reed and Gale Weathers, there will be a notable absence in the upcoming film as Neve Campbell will not be returning as Sidney Prescott. Campbell revealed she was forced to leave because she felt the offer that was presented to her “did not equate to the value” she believes she contributed to the franchise.

Scream 6 is out in theaters on March 10, 2023.

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