SEAL Team Season 5 Ending Explained: What Went Down in the Finale?

SEAL Team Season 5

In the world of high budget action thriller content, there are TV shows and movies that intrigue only by their merit. A show like SEAL Team is a well constructed and researched piece of production. The show is extensively based on a Navy SEAL team which could be a concept well used earlier. But the execution is where the difference lies. It is often observed that action and adventure flicks more often divert from the plot and pay attention to action pieces and VFX heavy sequences more. Also since the fifth season ended everyone is asking about SEAL Team Season 5 Ending every now and then.

But the SEAL team seems to be on the right path for 5 seasons now. The show has grown onto people and audiences at a very fast rate. Considering the competition in the industry regarding the genre, the show has been blooming ever since its start. Initially, the show took a while to be accepted in the industry and got a bit into the critical and commercial tussle. But since the last season saw a jump in the production value because the show was picked up by Paramount+ and the show was vastly supported by the OTT platform.

Plot details

Seal team is a fascinating show about a defence group Navy SEAL bypassing dangerous and high stakes missions, mostly at moment’s notice. All the threats which have been showcased in the previous seasons are deadly, thrilling and action-packed. But it is not only about the team amidst the action. It is the effects of the action which takes after-war. The team takes a hefty toll on their mental stability and their personal lives. The after-effects are the ones that showcase the real emotions and effects which has never been explored through an action-adventure series.

Still SEAL Team Season 5 StillStill SEAL Team Season 5 Still
Still from SEAL Team

But SEAL Team has focused upon the vital moments of the team and their families. The personal touch and the emotions that go through planning and executing the missions are just so intriguing and moving to even watch. These kinds of shows are interesting and binge-able at a go. So considering the current proceedings the show is taking a great route to missions and episodes which involve humongous action and thrill.

SEAL Team Season 5 StillSEAL Team Season 5 Still
Still from SEAL Team Season 5

SEAL Team Season 5 Ending explained

SEAL Team Season 5 ended on a great note and the finale has blown away the fans. Cliffhangers and the emotional parallels are beautifully poised to the equation of the finale. Fans were instantly satisfied throughout the season but the finale has been oddly satisfied with the cliffhanger. The finale showed Jason Hayes chasing Ellis accompanied by Sonny. And the equation between Emma was also sorted out. With a bit of emotion to and fro.
Meanwhile, Clay Spenser and Stella had their baby and most importantly reconsidered his issues with his best buddy Sonny.

Although, Hayes and Spenser witnessed a drastic change in their personal lives. And as it was theorized by the fans, Spenser had requested to Hayes about taking a break to sit and spend time with his family after the Mali job. But fate seems to have different deals for both of them. At the end of the finale, the directors and the makers decided upon a very gutsy charge to set up for potential seasons.

SEAL Team Season 5 Haynes and SpenserSEAL Team Season 5 Haynes and Spenser
Haynes and Spenser from SEAL Team Season 5

In the final scene, during their job in Mali, their convoys get ambushed by tangoes, one of the convoys gets bombed and another one gets gunned down. The key point of the scene is Haynes getting shot at and one of the bullets pierced through his shoulder. And the most gruesome. And the sad shot was when Spenser got hit by a bomb and shrapnel hit his eye. So both the guys are said to be on a serious injury note at the end.

SEAL Team Season 6 Expectations

Season 6 of this action-packed Pramount+/CBS show is said to be releasing sooner than it is expected to be. Fan’s are kept hanging on the cliffhanger for a fair bit of time, which is getting the audience anxious about what happens to Spenser and Haynes. And whether the team gets through the ambush or not. It is said that there might be a few more character addition for the coming season/seasons. Hence it all depends on the backing up SEAL team franchise gets from the production house.

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