Season of the Seraph Raises the Bar for Future Seasons

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph screenshot of Osiris and Ana Bray

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph is one of the best seasons to date. If Bungie can learn from its success, future seasons will be even better.

Destiny 2‘s ongoing Season of the Seraph has proven to be one of the game’s greatest seasons to date. With a challenging seasonal activity, a memorable exotic quest, and even an improved drop rate for Deepsight weapons, the season is full of noteworthy experiences. With the Lightfall expansion just around the corner, now is as good a time as any for new players and veterans alike to jump in and enjoy some of the best content Destiny 2 has ever offered.

While each of last year’s seasons was successful in its own way, Season of the Seraph still manages to rise above the rest. Outside of the worn-out seasonal progression model the game follows, Seraph brings a host of valuable elements to the table that should serve as a standard for the seasons that follow it. After all, Lightfall‘s success will undoubtedly also depend on reception towards its first season, and there’s much future content can learn from “Season of the Seraph.”

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The Grind for Weapons Has Improved

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After facing backlash for the horrible drop rate of Deepsight weapons in previous seasons, Bungie made significant improvements for Season of the Seraph. Since Deepsight weapons are players’ only method of obtaining patterns and materials for crafting weapons, simply getting their hands on them is vital to progression. What makes this improvement so important is not the change itself, but the fact that Bungie has listened to its community and made changes players wanted. While it’s obviously not possible in incorporate every fan request, doing so in places where the game really needs work is imperative to the continued success of Destiny 2.

Heist Battlegrounds Offer Plenty of Gameplay Variety

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Every new season in Destiny 2 introduces an activity that advances that season’s story and provides players with fresh content and new mechanics to learn. Season of the Seraph adds Heist Battlegrounds. These rotate between three locations, with each requiring players to complete different objectives. At the end of every Heist Battleground, players face a boss specific to that location. That may sound generic, but this activity offers a variety of mechanics and obstacles for players to overcome that sets it apart from previous seasons’ activities.

In each Heist Battleground, players face hordes of challenging mini-bosses and enemies on their approach to the final encounter. This requires a coordinated fireteam, with each member doing their best to stay alive and defeat enemies as efficiently as possible. Another challenging mechanic in Heist Battlegrounds is their traps. Whether evading the bright red beam of a Seraph Tower or avoiding trip lasers, there are plenty of hazards for players to navigate.

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Heist Battlegrounds stand out from previous seasons where players could coast through an activity with minimal effort. While an increased difficulty is not always necessary, it can help keep repeatable activities free from monotony. Future seasonal activities could also benefit from these difficulty modifiers, so long as they remain unique.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield Is an Excellent Exotic Quest

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Where Season of the Seraph truly shines is its new exotic quest, “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.” This activity, which primarily revolves around obtaining and developing the Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle, is one of the most exciting, most complex quests Destiny 2 has ever seen, managing to include a wide variety of gameplay mechanics without feeling too bloated or over-complicated. “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” truly is a work of art, containing numerous thought-provoking puzzles, challenging platforming, and combat that is fast-paced and exciting. This exotic quest significantly raises the bar for any exotic quests to come, as they will almost certainly be compared to it.

Although “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” launched with multiple bugs, those have since been patched, and the quest is near perfect. Bungie will no doubt be adding more exotic quests to the game in the future. As such, it should take a similar approach and improve upon the formula Seraph’s Shield has established. Overall, Season of the Seraph marks an incredible step forward for Destiny 2 that sets a new and bright standard for the game’s future if Bungie can match its success.


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