Seth Rogen Slams The CW at Critics Choice Awards

Seth Rogen The CW

Seth Rogen makes fun of The CW’s quality and diversity while presenting an award at the Critics Choice Awards. The network hosted this year’s event.

Seth Rogen had some choice words for The CW during this year’s Critics Choice Awards.

As reported by Deadline, while presenting the award for Best Comedy Series, Rogen took the opportunity to roast the hosting network by commenting on the show’s new simultaneous presentation style of the Supporting Actor/Actress category. “Why do they do that? Are we crunched for time?” Rogen joked. “Get another hour! It can’t be that expensive. You know how I know that? This show airs at 4 p.m. on The CW. That cannot be [a] pricey… timeslot, from my understanding of how this all works.”

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Rogen continued poking fun at the embattled network by pointing out its ironic lack of nominations at the event. “I’m not saying The CW is bad,” he added. “What I will say, it is the one network to receive zero Critics Choice nominations — you are saying it’s bad. We’re on your least favorite network. How did that happen? Nominate yourselves next time, you’d have won. No one will think it’s weird, they’ll think it’s fine.”

The comedian concluded his lambasting by saying, “If you’re a normal viewer of The CW this is a startling image to be seeing on your television right now. I might be the first Jew on The CW in history. Soak it in.”

The CW Changes Hands

In August 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount sold majority ownership (totaling 75%) of The CW to Nexstar after heavily reducing its programming, which involved the gradual termination of the network’s long-running Arrowverse properties. As part of the deal, WBD and Paramount retained 12.5% each. On the side of WBD, the sale allowed the company to focus more on the merger between its two major streaming platforms, Discovery+ and HBO Max, and further invest in programming on the combined service.

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“Our acquisition of The CW is strategically and operationally compelling, as it will enable us to leverage our operational experience to improve the network’s performance through our management of this powerful national platform,” Nexstar CEO Perry Sook said following the acquisition. “We plan to apply the same strict financial standards to operating The CW as we apply to our other businesses.” Sook’s comments came ahead of a report in November 2022 revealing that The CW was losing $2 for every $1 it made.

Also in November 2022, Nexstar’s executive VP and CFO Lee Ann Gliha confirmed that the network’s future investment in DC-themed programming would be minimal. At the same time, The CW’s president Brad Schwartz debunked rumors suggesting the network was looking to reduce the diversity in its programming, including LGBTQ representation, under Nexstar. “That type of storytelling and championing those voices has historically been important to me, and I wouldn’t have taken the job if something was so black and white,” he said.

Source: Twitter, via Deadline


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