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Home » SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION -Hero Successor- – Episode 01 [English Sub]

SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION -Hero Successor- – Episode 01 [English Sub]

SEVEN KNIGHTS REVOLUTION -Hero Successor- - Episode 01 [English Sub]

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七骑士:革命 -英雄的继承者-
Episode 01 : Wake -Succession-
Episode Summary :
A long time ago, there was a war.
The power of the God of Destruction tried to wrap the world with darkness and destroy all human civilizations, but the heroes called “Seven Knights” succeeded in the fight against it and saved the human world.
Time passed, and the cult of Physis which worships the God of Destruction, has been releasing monsters to destroy the world, for the “salvation” they failed to achieve in the past. Due to their menace, lots of people were swallowed by darkness and died.
To fight against “Physis”, Seven Knights inherit the power of the ancient heroes. One of them, the girl Faria, meets the boy Nemo in a village burnt down during the attack of monsters. In the moment of a crisis, Nemo’s power awakens, which is shocking even for Faria…!

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