October 18, 2021

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Beloved BL Manga, 'Love Stage!!' Releases Its Live-action Film Adaptation with a Star-Studded Cast on Gagaoolala

Do not deprive one another except with consent for a time, that you may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again – I Cor.7:5

Over the years that I have been talking to women of all classes ranging from the wives of government functionaries to Christian leaders, I have come to realise that infidelity is no more limited to men but also as common with married women. On several occasions I have met women who share their ordeal with me in terms of sex starvation by their husbands and those who have not been able have sex without pain though their husbands have been cooperative. I have been asked for advice in a forum on an illegitimate child that a married woman had and the husband was under the impression that the child was his. I have heard men of God that are not satisfied with their marital sex life. There are people who have jointly sought medical help but without success but with deliverance ministration, the situation changed.

I have observed with pain that many speakers and writers on the subject of sex, including myself until recently, have limited themselves to the physical and psychological aspects of it. Many of us enjoy sex and could not understand the problem because we have never experienced it. To minister effectively to couples I have asked God to give me unusual insight to marital issues. This article is part of the answer to my prayer on the subject. I found out that there is spiritual dimension to every marital problem. One of the underlying spiritual problem people have with sex in their marriages is the practice of Satanism by either or both spouses. In this article I will identify few indications of demonic obstruction to sex in marriage.

Spiritual exercise often involves abstinence from sexual intercourse but Christians are admonished to exercise moderation in this regard so that we don’t expose our spouses to sexual temptation. People who practise spiritism instead of godly spirituality are often mandated to abstain from sex unreasonably. People that are hungry for power, fame and fortune from Satan can deny their spouses sex for a long period of time ranging from nine days to months or even years. Many a time they don’t tell the reason for their abstinence rather they give excuses which can be frustrating to their spouses. On the conclusion of such exercises, many are unable to return to their normal selves. They may even consent to medical examinations which will give them clean result and thus heighten the frustration of their spouses.

There are also those who have sacrificed their manhood to Satan for power, fame and/or fortune. Some donate their sexual secretion such as the semen to attain a level in Satanism and subsequently become sexually disabled.

“You think you ‘re smart, you ‘ll never get Yurashuha out! He ‘s too strong and he’s been there too long”

How did Yurashuha get in?” I asked curtly. The demon laughed, “That ‘s easy stupid, he came in while her father had sex with her when se was a child”. The Lord had previously revealed to me that that was the doorway through which this powerful demon had entered Jane.

It is well known in medical circles that traumatic sexual assaults in childhood is one of the most common causes of frigidity in women in later life – especially incest. The percentage of these women ever successfully helped is dreadfully low . This account of Rebecca Brown points to the fact that some people have been violated by their fathers in Satanism and the children have grown up to become frigid. Sometimes the psychologists may be able to establish the cause of the frigidity but they can not help. Only Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Deliverer can help people in such situation.

It is not happening only in America but also in our society. I have met a lady whose father was sleeping with her sister each time he had to go on business trip. While he was doing that he was making money until the lady got pregnant for her father and it had to be aborted. Thereafter the fortune of the man went down. The lady had been married for years without a child. Frigidity can also be caused by spirit husband.

I was in a deliverance service one day and the minister made an altar call of people who had slept with the dead before. I was astonished at the number of people that went out. I found out that people do anything for money including going to sleep with a dead person in the graveyard. There are also those who conjure demons to sleep with them as a sign of promotion in the kingdom of darkness. Sleeping with demons occur among both women and men. Women who rise in the hierarchy of kingdom of darkness are sometimes required to sleep with a demon to become priestess. After the experience, no man can enjoy sex with them and they in turn may not be able to enjoy sex with humans but would not tell the truth.

While I was a young child at home, I have overheard wives coming to report their rivals to my father accusing them of attacking the manhood of their husbands. In the African setting it is not uncommon for rival wives to apply diabolical means to fight their rivals in polygamous marriages. In this instance the man can not have erection with other women but the one that has placed the embargo on him. In the Christian home the man should be the husband of one wife but if he falls in to the temptation of adultery, another lady out there may place embargo on his manhood and the medical doctors may never be able to help him. In fact no amount of counselling can help such a person but Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. It is spiritual and requires spiritual solution.

There are also the situations of parents placing satanic embargo on the sexuality of their children or wards in attempt to prevent pre-marital sex and/or pregnancy. It is not tale that the vaginas of some ladies are satanically blocked and made difficult for penis to go through. Normally the situation is normalised once the embargo is removed but sometimes the one who knows the secret may be dead before the embargo is removed and the situation is complicated.

One day in our house, my wife and I were expressing concern about the maid of our visitor. We felt the girl was becoming self conscious and too friendly with men. Shockingly the woman told us that the father of the girl had told her that the girl cannot become pregnant. At the age of about twenty the lady was not menstruating, compliment of her father who had satanically hanged her menstruation. I was shocked that people could still be that wicked to their daughters because he wanted her to stay full term with the mistress for money. I asked what if the man suddenly dies, what become of the lady? It is not known to the girl but the secret was disclosed to the mistress to put her mind at rest when she reported the girl to her father with the threat of returning her. I can only imagine it. Can sex with such a lady be normal and satisfying, where a demon or more are on duty to prevent pregnancy.

I have also heard about satanic family planning where a ring is given to the woman to prevent pregnancy. It is easily laughed at but real. Let us take it from the physical dimension, the ring or coil (ICUD) inserted in the womb of a woman to prevent pregnancy may not allow full enjoyment of sex between the partners as the penis touches the ring. In the same way satanic family planning can spiritually disturb the sex life of couples. This is an aspect of spiritual dimension to sexual problems in marriage. Till I come your way again in the next edition remain rapturable in Jesus name.


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