Shadow and Bone Gets a Tentatively Hopeful Season 3 Update


Shadow and Bone casting director Sophie Holland offered a tentative update on a possible third season of the Netflix series.

In an interview with Deadline, Holland said, “[…] as for Shadow And Bone, we’re really hoping for a third season.” She added, “It seems to have a huge fan base. It’s a fresh, up-and-coming cast and the story is very faithful to the books, which is refreshing. It’s all about that first month’s performance on Netflix, I guess, so we’ll find out soon if it’s being recommissioned. It’s a tricky time, as you noted, so we’ll see.” Holland has worked as a casting director on projects such as Netflix’s You, Wednesday, The Continental, and Shadow and Bone, among others.


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Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is based on two book series by author Leigh Bardugo: the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology. Shadow and Bone Season 1 premiered on the streaming service in April 2021, while the eight-episode second season premiered on Netflix in March.

Shadow and Bone’s Possible Season 3 Renewal

Shadow and Bone has not yet been renewed for a third season, but the show’s fan base has launched a dedicated campaign for its return. Following the Season 2 premiere, some fans reportedly watched the entire series (including Season 1) several times a week in an effort to keep Shadow and Bone in Netflix’s top-ten list of shows. Other fans hosted virtual watch parties on social media, including the r/ShadowandBone subreddit, while others kept the series on in the background as a way to increase views.

Support for a Season 3 renewal also comes from the series creators, cast and even fandoms of other Netflix shows that could be canceled, such as Lockwood & Co. Similarly, in February, Lockwood & Co. executive producer Rachel Prior implored Netflix subscribers to binge the first season of the series in order to boost viewership numbers.

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Netflix Faces Backlash for Series Cancellations

In January, Netflix faced backlash after a slew of cancelations near the end of 2022, which included popular shows like Warrior Nun and Isndie Job. Warrior Nun similarly had a large fandom rallying for a third season, to no avail. However, co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters maintained that Netflix has never “canceled a successful show,” citing viewership numbers as the reason behind most of the streaming service’s cancellations.

Despite the lack of updates regarding Netflix’s Grishaverse, showrunner Eric Heisserer has revealed that scripts for a Six of Crows spinoff are completed, which will take place after the events of Shadow and Bone Season 2. “The crows absolutely require their own show for that heist, and I know that because we’ve written all eight scripts for that,” said Heisserer in March. “It’s the best writing my team has done. In part, it’s because it’s the best writing that Leigh [Bardugo] has built for us.”

The first two seasons of Shadow and Bone are available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Deadline


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