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Shadowverse Flame
Shadowverse Flame Scheduled for April 2022

An anime adaptation of the Shadowverse game aired in the Spring of 2020. The anime followed exciting card battles and fun characters that seemed to have gained a lot of attention. A sequel to the same was announced later. The Shadowverse series is quite popular among adventure and light fantasy lovers and also among the fans of the game. It is an anime directed majorly towards a younger audience and thus has a simpler story that can be enjoyed by older viewers as well if they seek an easy-going anime to watch for fun. To make things more interesting, Shadowverse also ignites interesting character developments. A sequel titled Shadowverse Flame will be released soon to add to the fun series.

The Shadowverse game is immensely popular, having earned a revenue of 100 million USD, as per the 2017 report. It was developed and published by Cygames and composed by Yoshihiro Ike. The game was released on iOS and Android in 2026 and later in Microsoft Windows and macOS in 2017. Shadowverse is basically a card collectible game that can be played in either the single-player mode or the multiplayer mode. Following the positive reviews of the Shadowverse game and anime, the game is also being adapted into a manga by the Monthly Corocoro Comic.

Are you looking for more on the upcoming anime adaptation adding on to the franchise? Here is everything we know about the Shadowverse Flame release date, PV, cast, and more.

Shadowverse Flame Plot

Previously on Shadowverse, we were introduced to Hiiro Ryugusaki, an ordinary middle school student. He discovers a smartphone where the Shadowverse app is installed. As he begins playing the game, he meets several new people whom he makes rivals and friends with. However, he soon realizes that the Shadowverse game is more than just a game. A doomsday event is going to happen soon, and Hiiro must save the world at all costs.

The new plot of Shadowverse Flame introduces an entirely new character named Light Tenryu, who goes to the Shadovar College. Students in the Shadovar College are trained to be professional players of Shadowverse. Light Tenryu, who recently joined the college, joins the unpopular Seventh Flame. The club is to be dismissed soon, but Tenryu decides to save it by collecting more members. As he continues his journey as a training Shodowverse player, he comes across strong players with amazing skills.

Tenryu LightTenryu Light
Tenryu Light: Protagonist of Shadowverse Flame

The anime will introduce several new characters, including the Seventh Flame club members Itsuki Mitsugawa and Subaru Makabe; members of Genesis Company – Marguerite Valois and Ein; members of Seven Shadows – Wolfram Zelfa and Luca Yonazuki.

Shadowverse Flame Release Date

Shadowverse Flame was announced some time back with the first PV and visual teaser. On 7 March 2022, the anime was announced to have confirmed its release date. The Shadowverse Flame anime will be released on 2 April 2022. Its opening theme, titled “Shingan,” will be performed by Lanndo ft. Keina Suda. The ending theme titled “My Turn” will be performed by Yui Ogura.

There has been no announcement regarding the anime’s international release or licensing platforms. We expect more remaining details of the anime to be revealed soon.

Official Teaser Shadowverse sequelOfficial Teaser Shadowverse sequel
Official Visual Teaser: Shadowverse Flame


On 7 March 2022, the second PV of the Shadowverse Flame anime was released. The trailer features the three main characters belonging to the Seventh Flame, Tenryu Light, Makabe Subaru, and Mitsugawa Itsuki. You can watch the newest trailer on YouTube.


The main cast of the anime with their comments was uploaded on the anime’s website. Yuto Uemura will voice the protagonist Tenryu Light, Hibiku Yamamura will voice Mitsugawa Itsuki, Kazuki Ura will voice Makabe Subaru, Shiori Izawa will voice Dragnil, Shoutarou Morikubo will voice Gentleman, and Miyu Tomita will voice Kotori Yu Tsubasa.

We await confirmation of the voice cast of more characters of the anime.

Shadowverse 2Shadowverse 2
The Seventh Flame Club Consisting of Mitsugawa Itsuki (left), Tenryu Light (center), and Subaru Makabe (right).


All the previous staff members will return to resume their roles from the first anime. The anime will be directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi at studio Zexcs. Rintaro Isaki is writing the scripts of the anime with Deko Akao. Yoshihiro Ike is composing the anime’s music. To stay updated, you can visit the anime’s official website.

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