Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18 Release Date: Emma Grede Will Join in For the Investment Opportunities

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18
Shark Tank Season 13

A lot of great business ideas might be coming in next on Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18 when another popular guest judge joins in on the fun. Whereas the previous episode gave us a look at Daymond joining the panel along with the others again. Moving on to the business ideas, a couple came in with their natural hair product meant for young boys. Meanwhile, another woman came in with a solution that helps dogs.

On the other hand, we also got a look at a booming business from season 12 of the show in which Lori had invested. Another business idea came from a woman who was on a mission to popularise a fruit found in the middle east in abundance. Meanwhile, another businesswoman arrived seeking an investment in her company that combines sports and art together. But the question was, did any one of them really impress the sharks?

The ongoing business reality tv show has been probably the most popular show in its category all around the world since its debut on 9th August 2009. It is now currently in the thirteenth season and is going quite strong. As a result, the fans have been hooked so far and are now waiting to watch Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18. But first, let us check out what happened in the previous episode.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18
A still from Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 17

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 17 Recap

Episode 17 of Shark Tank Season 13 came out on 25th March 2022, and it featured Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary as the sharks in the episode. Starting off with the first contestant, we got husband Stefan and wife Cora, who was looking for an investment of $225k for 2.5% equity in their company, Young Kings. The company was the first of its kind that made natural plant-based products for young boys who had a lot of hair from birth.

Moreover, their sales were really impressive, but only two sharks, Kevin and Robert, came forward with an offer. However, their offers included royalties which weren’t something the couple was looking for, so they declined. Next, we saw Kirsten Brand with her company Pawnix seeking an investment of $150k for 10% equity in her company. Her company designed active and passive noise-canceling headphones for dogs which the owners can put over their dogs’ heads to protect them from fireworks noise at events.

Although, none of the sharks went in on the idea. Moving on, the third entrepreneur was Diana Jarrar from Syria, who was seeking $150k for a 10% stake in her company. Her company, Magic Dates, made snacks that are totally based on dates, commonly found in the middle east. Seeing this as a business in a really competitive market, the other sharks backed out, but Kevin gave a really tough offer to Diana of a 33.5% stake in her company.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18
Jasmine with her company round21

But she agreed to it, seeing the others didn’t have an offer for her. The last entrepreneur was another woman named Jasmine Maietta, who was seeking an investment of $250k for 3% of her company, round21. Her company collaborates with artists and star athletes to make sports products more impressive. Moreover, her company was really into the NFT space as well, which was quite interesting. Although most of them stepped away from it, Kevin did give an offer, and after some negotiations, the new offer was a $250k investment for 10% of stake in the company, plus 1.5% of every NFT ever sold.

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Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers & Air Time

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18 will release on 1st April 2022 at 8 pm ET on ABC.” In addition to that, the next episode will see Emma Grede joining in with the other sharks as they all witness new business ideas from other entrepreneurs.

Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18
Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18 will release on 1st April 2022

Watch Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 18 Online – Streaming Details

Shark Tank Season 13 airs every Friday on ABC at 8 pm ET in the United States. On top of that, the show is available to watch on Youtube TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video as well. Except that the show airs at 8 pm ET on CTV every Friday in Canada. Meanwhile, the viewers in India can watch the latest episodes on Voot.

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