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Shetland Season 7 Release Date, Plot, and Characters to Expect

shetland season 6, episode 2

Who does not love some good crime thrillers? Shetland is one of those series that you cannot get enough of. The series was started back in 2014 and has gained quite the fan base. They have managed to even deliver the seasons one after the other to keep their audiences hooked. Though there was quite a good delay between Season 3 and Season 4. However, after Season 4, they have managed to make up for all the time lost. Shetland follows the story of Jimmy Pérez, a private detective who goes on to solve the mysteries around the local area. In this article, you will get to know about Shetland Season 7 release date and more info about the next season!

BBC has managed to pick up the speed on this show. The series first began with only two episodes, and now is getting 6 episodes in a season. All of the stories were honestly attention-grabbing. However, season 6 is on another level. From the story to the production level, everything seemed amazing. Before you start with season 7, make sure you binge-watch all the 6 seasons!

Shetland Season 6 Recap

Before we get into all the good details of Season 7, let us recapitulate what happened in the last season. Season 6 came out quite soon after 5, in October. The fans were more than happy to get another season so soon. The producers informed that they did not want to keep the fans waiting. In Season 6, the story became quite complex, and we were all sitting at the edge of our seats for the mystery to unravel. The series began with the murder of the lawyer, Alex Galbraith. What followed was quite a good thriller journey.

Shetland season 6, episode 2

From the very beginning of the series, it was quite hard to point at who exactly was the killer. In this season we got to meet a lot of new characters too. At first, there were only two motives for which Galbraith could be murdered. One was for his case for Donna Killick, and another was because of a custody case for Linda Morton. The suspicion falls immediately on people related to these two cases. However, with every episode, we end up running down a dead-end along with Pérez. However, what surprises us, in the end, is that the victim had started off the row of murders with him.

If you have not watched the show, then this part is a spoiler for you, don’t blame us we tried to warn you! In the end, we find out that Galbraith and his friend, Niven, had given drugs to Marie-Anne. She eventually had died of an overdose. They had tried to hide her body. Eve, Marie-Anne’s sister, murders Galbraith to keep Marie-Anne’s story a secret. Niven gets involved with the other murders. However, this is where everyone got utterly confused. Donna had asked Duncan to kill her of her own will. Yet, she had written a note, denoting that it was not a suicide, but a murder, where Duncan is killing her with the help of Jimmy Pérez. Though Duncan tries to save Pérez. Both of them end up getting arrested.

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Shetland Season 7 Release Date

Season 6 ended on November 24, and the fans are quite eager to know what happens. The show did end in quite a cliffhanger, with the protagonist in prison. The productions team have recently tweeted out that as they wrapped up everything for season 6, they are going to Glasgow for the 7th season. Hence, you can consider that the next season is already in the process. We can expect them to release Shetland Season 7 in 2022. However, looking at the small-time gap between seasons 5 and 6, we can expect the show to be aired in the earlier months of 2022.

shetland season 7 release date

Shetland Season 7 Plot

Now you must be curious as to what to expect from Season 7. When Shetland had first started, it was just a regular thriller show with a group of detectives. However, with time the writers have managed to make the plot more engaging and complex. The last season was definitely something that the audience did not expect, with the arrest of Jimmy Pérez. It will be interesting to see how the writers will take it from here as the protagonist is locked up. Will there be another character who could be put into his shoes? Was this all Donna’s conspiracy against the Shetland detectives? How will this massive mess be cleared? There could be possible answers to all these questions.

Another interesting factor to consider is that the team has been quite short. Both Duncan and Pérez are now in prison. Tuscan was revealed to be pregnant at the end of Season 6. We will need to look out for how writers carry forward the show. A lot of fans are speculating that perhaps there will be another person in the team, or there could be a new twist to the show.

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Shetland Season 7 Trailer

Though the production has declared about BBC picking up another season, yet we can assume that the shooting might have just started taking place. There is still a lot of time for the season to drop. Hence, there is no trailer released for Season 7 yet. However, keep an eye out during the early months of 2022, we might come across the trailer, where more of the plot could be understood. Till then, we hardly have any idea what could happen in Season 7. It is all based on speculations.

shetland season 7 release date
Shetland Season 7

Shetland Season 7 IMDB

The show has a rating of 4 stars out of 6 and a rating of 8.2 out of 10. Hence, the show is quite popular among people. Season 7 has not yet been released, hence the ratings on the season cannot be depicted now. Once the season programs, we will be able to understand how well the show is doing. In season 6, most of the episodes had got near about a rating of 8. Only Episode 3 got the lowest rating of 7.7. Hence, we can expect that the team will try to maintain this rank for their next season and keep surprising the audience.

Shetland Streaming

Shetland is produced by BBC, and it airs on BBC One. However, it is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime too. However, you need to wait for Season 7 to release, and then you can try to find it on the BBC’s website. You can also wait for a little while more and binge watch it on Netflix.

Shetland Season 7 Characters

We have little clue as to who else might be in Season 7, other than the main characters. Hence, all we can say is that we expect Jimmy Pérez (by Douglas Henshall), Detective Tosh (by Alison O’Donnell), and Duncan (by Mark Bonnar) to be there. There could be very few characters from Season 6 whom we could see. Though there is hardly any chance, as the pivotal characters have either fled or just killed. It could be interesting to see a new detective come in this series who would be able to help Pérez.

Shetland Series vs. Novel

You might be surprised to know that the series is based off on a novel by the same name, written by Ann Cleeves. Though the first series was heavily based on the novels, the later ones have digressed quite a bit. However, Ann Cleeves still has some hold over how things go around in the show. Yet, if you are more into reading than watching, then you should definitely check out the collection of novels she has given. The series starts off with “Raven Black”, “White Nights”, “Red Bones”, “Blue Lighting”, “Dead Water”, “Thin Air”, “Offshore” (which is a short story), “Too Good to be True”, “Cold Island”, and “Wild Fire”. If you do read these novels, you will understand the similarity in the shows.

shetland season 7 release date
Ann Cleeves

However, it is not quite possible to predict Season 7 with the help of these novels, as the team is not exactly following the sequence of the novels. Rather, they are just drawing inspirations from the backdrop and scenarios and implementing them on-screen. It would be quite fun when the season releases, and we would get to know which of the book was used as a reference point. If you want to keep on enjoying Shetland, we recommend you to read these books to get the most fun out of the series.

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