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Should We Expect Dickinson Season 4?

Events From Previous Season That May Affect Dickinson Season 4

A journey that began in 2019 as one of the pivotal shows of Apple TV+ was Dickinson starring Hailee Steinfeld as America’s Greatest Poet Emily Dickinson. Alena Smith created the show with an aim to bring the story of the poet to the world but in such a unique way that it more or less represents the world we live in today. With three seasons stacked, the third season came to the point where Emily began realizing her potential to change the world. Now we wonder if Dickinson has more in store for us with a Season 4.

Before we move to the same, we will take a quick recap of Dickinson and its third season. The one dedicated to the civil war times and the time Emily began realizing the mistakes she was making slowly and steadily. Let it be not standing up with Austin, or keeping away her love for Sue, or admiring the wrong man all this time. Here is a quick look at Dickinson Season 3 before we move to updates, renewal status, and release date of Season 4.

Dickinson Season 3 Recap

Dickinson Season 3, for the majority of its season, covered the events of the Civil War and how they affected the people. The very first episode saw the Dickinsons losing their maternal aunt Lavinia. While many of the family members, especially Emily Sr., is in grief, Emily takes inspiration from the same to take better care of her family. Meanwhile, Austin, on his side, has drawn away from the family, finding himself drunk most of the time.

Amidst all of this, Henry volunteers to help the troops read and write as they go into the war. A heart attack on Edward turns things around but certainly not for Austin. He still believes his father is controlling their lives. Emily is stuck by her father till the very end until things begin falling apart for her.

Events From Previous Season That May Affect Dickinson Season 4
From Dickinson Season 3 Featuring Emily

Emily was writing to Thomas Wentworth Higginson as well, and he was impressed by her poems. This didn’t fit well with Sue, who was broken-hearted when she found out about this. This saw Sue confronting Emily about their love and asking her to accept it. But Emily just couldn’t do that and believed Sue just couldn’t accept her writing to another man.

Emily saw herself failing and wondered what the future might look like. Similarly, Lavinia also found herself lonely. Until the universe heard them and literally took them to the future. Emily and Lavinia met Slyvia Plath in the future, who herself adored Emily Dickinson. Because of her, they found out how Emily in the future had become America’s Greatest Poet. While she talked about a number of feats of Emily Dickinson, she also talked about her love for women. Something Emily had kept away from everyone but Lavinia knew now. Still, she accepted her sister and forgot most of the things when they returned to their time.

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Dickinson Season 3 Ending

The death of Frazar Stearns shook everyone to the core. This led the entire Amherst in mourning. Emily’s father delivered the words for Stearns that sparked some inspiration for the entire community. The only person Emily found some relief with was her father, who asked her to be the executor of his will. But when he decided to name everything for Austin despite what happened, it broke her heart. Emily and Lavinia won’t have freedom and will be left in the care of Austin. She realized Austin was right all the time.

This saw Emily go follow Stearns and literally go to hell. During her time there, she saw how all things went bad with her wrong decision makings. When she did come back to the real world, though, she vowed to change one Dickinson at a time. Austin promised he would treat his sisters equally to him no matter what.

How Did Dickinson Season 3 End?How Did Dickinson Season 3 End?
From Dickinson Season 3 Featuring Emily

After helping her mother, Emily also expressed her love to Susan. Answering the same, Susan also did the same as she gave Emily’s poem to newspapers anonymously. Even Austin on his side was ready to change things for himself. For starters, he confessed to sending someone else instead of him to the war. He wanted to be here for his son. Everyone believed there were always different ways to fight a war.

That was one thing, though, as Austin also decided to fix things by asking his father to join him on a case that could change society. The one that sees a powerful family selling a freeborn black servant. After a few friends of that servant saved her, they were put behind bars. Initially, Edward wasn’t opting to fight such a powerful family. But after looking at Austin’s passion towards this case, Edward shook hands.

Colonel Higginson himself knocked on Dickison’s door to meet Emily. He delivered Henry’s letters to Betty, who was waiting for a word all along. As Higginson waited for Emily to come down, Emily was preparing for her next step. Death came to meet her earlier in the episode and encouraged her to dress with a new style. This will help her express herself more. She did the same by taking some lessons from Betty and finally came up with a dress. We bid adieu to Emily Dickinson as “By The Sea” was read with Higginson waiting downstairs while Emily is in her own dreams.

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Dickinson Season 4 Release Date

Dickinson Season 4 won’t be happening. According to the creator of the show, Alena Smith, she always saw the story she was presenting for three seasons. Even before she came into a deal with Apple TV+, she also had in mind that the third and final season would be around a civil war that would wrap up the story. So this story she was planning to tell of Emily Dickison came off in the most unconventional way possible that traces its relevance to today’s society.

Release Date For Dickinson Season 4Release Date For Dickinson Season 4
From Dickinson Season 3 Featuring Emily

Alena Smith also went on to thank Hailee Steinfeld, who starred in the show like America’s greatest female poet Emily Dickinson and the entire team of Dickison. She is grateful to them for making this show happen. Smith also thanked the amazing partnership with Apple TV+, who allowed her to tell this story. She further has a multi-year overall deal with them and looks forward to coming up with more original shows for the platform.

Hailee Steinfeld had some words for Dicksions to share as well from one of the interviews. Steinfeld had claimed that while shooting for the show, it shocked her and often times scared her. Mostly with the parallels that it holds with the world today and sometimes with her own life personally. So anyway, she moves ahead with pure hope and excitement, and even the finale of Dickison Season 3 gave us a similar sight.

Dickinson Season 4 Plot – What It Could Have Been?

Suppose Apple TV+ and Alena Smith do come with the terms of continuing the magic of Dickinson in the near future with a Season 4. Well, we would love to see Dickinson pick right where it left off. That is with Colonel Higginson waiting along for Emily while she chooses the perfect dress for her that will inspire her new poetry, the ones that could change the world.

Expected Story For Dickinson Season 4Expected Story For Dickinson Season 4
From Dickinson Season 3 Featuring Emily

We actually do wonder if we would ever see Emily and Higginson encountering. Throughout Season 3 of the show, we saw them conversing through letters. It would have been a treat to see them meeting each other in the finale. But that was something the show left us hanging upon.

It could have either picked up there giving the fifth season of Dickinson a hype, but it seems like Alena Smith had different plans by keeping the meet away by ending the show. If not the same, Dickinson Season 5 could have gone through a time jump to tell us the story where Emily had already become what she dreamt of and was already in the process of changing the world.

Dickinson Season 4 Cast

If Dickinson Season 4 is ever to happen, it may definitely mark the return of Hailee Steinfeld in the shoes of Emily Dickinson. Joining her could be Adrian Blake Enscoe as Austin Dickinson, Anna Baryshnikov as Lavinia “Vinnie” Dickinson, Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert, Jane Krakowski as Emily Norcross Dickinson, Toby Huss as Edward Dickinson, Amanda Warren as Betty, and Chinaza Uche as Henry. Lastly, Gabriel Ebert could have also played a major role as Thomas Wentworth Higginson moving into Season 4 after appearing in the last season.

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