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Shuta Rescue His Friends In Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 reveals a mysterious band of powerful youth who wield tremendous power living in Tokyo Bay. Koki, Ran, Shuta, Mari, and Asumi have formed a team to help those in need when they are in danger. On the other side, their team faces a mysterious incident that disturbed them for some time. They never thought something would happen in the crew where they lost one of their members. Tokyo 24th Ward reveals Shuta saving his team member after another training incident recently begun.

Shuta tried to save his friends and invaded a burning building in the past. The crew thought they would wait for the fire department to come and help them, but Shuta couldn’t wait. Shuta knew that they were in danger, and he couldn’t wait. But they tried to stop him, and Shuta reveals why he was born a hero, and he must complete his task before anything happens. His friends also tried to use technology skills to save the other, but they failed, and Shuta realized they were delaying him.

Shuta wore his headgear, made his clothes wet so they wouldn’t catch fire, and told them he was not holding back. Shuta breaks the wall of the building and enters the building, and tries to call his friends. He realizes that a hero has to save the day since no government person appears. He calls out the names of his friends, reminding them not to get scared since a true hero has arrived, but things worsen as the fire continues to increase. The building’s wall also begins to collapse, and Shuta realizes that he has to save them before the whole building completely collapses.

Previously on Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 2

Shuta heard something and realized that it was one of his friends and heard to the place where he heard the vice coming. He reviled that they were alive, but he saw that someone was bleeding, holding a huge piece of building a wall on her back. Shuta tried to save both of them, but he failed. He knew that the wall she was holding would smash no matter what happened, and she told him to save the other since she was already dying. Shuta saved the second one and shed tears that a hero failed on a mission. Shuta wonders if he is a true hero who failed during a mission.

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3
Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3

After a few years, Shuta woke up in Tokyo and saw that helmet near his bed. He realizes that he was wearing that helmet when he failed to save his friend. But he must get used to it and make sure that none of his friends would ever face death. Shuta receives calls from his friends and realizes that they have to assemble since they have a mission. The other works on the mission from the other side of Tokyo bay, waiting for Shuta to join them. Koki, Ran, Mari, and Asumi learn about the powerful company rising and decide to stop.

They use their hacking skill to hatch on this system to destroy everything. Shuta head to meet with the other and learn that his friends are in danger. He uses his skills to run quickly, heading to the scene. But those memories haunt him on his way, and he wonders if he won’t fail to save his friends like in the past. He felt a headache and wanted to quit being a hero. But he realizes that Asumi’s words have motivated him to continue being a hero. Shuta heads there and arrive at the location after outracing a train.

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 Release Date

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 will be released on 19 January 2022. Shuta managed to save Mari and the other and embrace Mari realizes that he has become a hero who will never fail his mission. The crew reunites and begins other missions while saving different people. Shuta recalls when he met with his friend in the past. Let’s look at Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 official details.

Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3
Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3

Watch Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 Online – Streaming Details

You will be able to watch Tokyo 24th Ward Episode 3 online on Crunchyroll & Funimation at 12:30 AM JST. Those in the United Kingdom can watch Tokyo 24th-Ward-Episode 3 online on ANIPLUS & VRV. Tokyo 24th-Ward-dub episodes will be released online on Wakanim (Russia). Shuta used to enjoy playing with his friends, and they protected each other from anything that came in their way. The mystery behind Tokyo bay is yet to be solved, and Shuta continues to work with his crew. Let’s meet when Tokyo 24th-Ward-Episode 3 is released.

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