Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5 Release Date: Arc Will Save The Elf Children

Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5 Release Date
Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5 Release Date

Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5 will be released next week. Yesterday, the anime series dropped out its latest episode, and within a few hours of release, everyone started to stream it. As we have seen in the last few episodes how Arc saved a girl named Marca who was collecting the herbs. However, he left for his next destination and was spotted by a woman in the cave. There the woman told him how the bandits are causing trouble and asked him to deal with them.

Arc accepted the job and took all the looted treasure they have hidden in the cave. Later, Arc was attacked by a female elf who accused him of kidnapping the children. But they discovered that they were kidnapped by Udolan as he is forcing slavery on the elves. Skeleton Knight in Another World 5 will be taking us in the continued plot.

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Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5

Arc is accepting all sorts of jobs one by one, and we saw how he saved those elf children kidnapped by Udolan. The latest episode of the series was out on 28th April 2022 and was titled “Infiltrating the Slave Market! In Search of the World’s Evil”. We know that Arc accepted Ariane’s job of protecting more slavers. They reached the Diento city and met Ariane’s comrade Danka. Danka didn’t seem to trust him, but Arc used his teleportation of magic and earned their trust. Later, Arc goes off for his personal errands as their infiltration into the slaver’s warehouse will be after hours. Meanwhile, Ariane tells how she was captured and saved by Arc.

Arc on the other hand, hides and discovers how all the slaves have already been assassinated. But his inner otaku takes the lead when he saw the assassin being a female ninja with cat ears. Seeing Ponta, she immediately trusted him and gives him a contract with steel. This makes him confirm that nobles have already purchased the elf slaves. Episode 5 of Skeleton Knight in Another world will be continuing with this elf kidnapping situation. However, in order to protect them, Arc will be accepted all the odd jobs.

Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5
Arc saved the elf Children

Where to watch Skeleton Knight in Another Ep 5?

The series has been released recently, and in this time where isekai anime are ruling, it got hype real quick. Being a typical isekai anime, the series has been following the life of a guy who got transferred into another world. People are loving the concept and life of Arc, trying to live normally in another world. Being this successful, you can easily find the series on any leading anime streaming site. To be particular, Crunchyroll is officially offering the service to stream the whole series. Other than this, Muse Aisa’s Youtube Channel is also providing this service for free. If we talk about Netflix, the series will be available on the site for Japan only. So, Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5 will be available in these places, which are totally legal to use.

What is the Release Date of episode 5 of Skeleton Knight in Another World?

Arc met the Ninja girl who was responsible for keeping an eye on the elves they kidnapped, But she told Arc how stealing is not her motive. Her real target is not what she’s doing right now. On the other hand, Danka freed the elves and eventually got more suspicious of Arc’s magical skills. Bur decided to trust him as she let Ariane go to Tryton’s palace alone with him. As for the Ninja girl, she was surprised by Arc and wished they can meet again. Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 5 is going to release on 5th May 2022 and is titled “A Secret Revealed and a Bond Forged”. It will be available to stream at 11:30 PM (JST).

Skeleton Knight in Another World Episode 4 RecapSkeleton Knight in Another World Episode 4 Recap
Ariane and Arc saving the Elf Children

What is Skeleton Knight in Another World About?

The plot of the series Skeleton Knight in Another World takes us around the life of a gamer. One day he wakes up inside the gave with this avatar in the game. He is now a Skeleton which is the result of his Skeleton Skin Avatar. As he landed in unfamiliar territory, he tries to search for things and inhabitants. he searched the area and came across a group of bandits trying to rape two women. Seeing this, he wasn’t able to stop himself and spring into same them. From this very moment, his journey of taking up jobs and living in this new world beings.

So, that’s all about Skeleton Knight in Another World, make sure to stay tuned with Otakukart to get more updates on the series.

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