Skyrim’s 5 Best Marriage Candidates, Ranked

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Marriage

In The Elder Scolls V: Skyrim, marriage is about more than love. It is often a necessity in a frigid and dangerous land teeming with brigands, monsters, war and, of course, dragons. As the Dragonborn, the player is expected to do a lot of traveling across the continent, solving others’ problems and taking care of all the nasty dragons that have suddenly started terrorizing everyone. As far as existences go, being the Dragonborn is as lonesome as it is dangerous, but finding the right life partner can ease the burden.

Marriage potentially provides the player with a free travel companion often skilled in magic or battle among other benefits, like a partner who can stay home to raise the kids while Mom or Dad is out there making Skyrim a safer place. The theory is that those who wear the amulet of Mara to let others know they are single and looking may not find love in their chosen partner right away. Yet, through learning to support and depend on one another, love will bloom in time. Nevertheless, it helps to know which partners are worthy of that time investment, and with over 50 candidates to choose from, narrowing it down can be difficult.

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6. Mjoll the Lionness Is a Good Spouse – But Already Has a Companion

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Not only is Mjoll the Lionness beautiful, she’s as well-traveled and battle-tested as they come, or so she claims. Pure of heart, she is a good person bent on righting the wrongs in Skyrim, especially in Riften, where she can be found. After attending to her personal task, she can be married and will do all the things a spouse does, like travel and fight beside them, move in with them, open a shop and share her profits.

Unfortunately, regardless of her growing love for the Dragonborn, Mjoll is basically a packaged deal. Wherever she goes, her companion Aerin tends to follow. This means walking into the Dragonborn’s home and finding him relaxing like he lives there. In essence, marrying Mjoll is perfect for those seeking a polyamorous relationship, but for players who aren’t, Mjoll falls at the bottom of the list.

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5. Lydia Will Be a Devoted Skyrim Wife

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While Nord housecarl Lydia may not be the most original marriage choice, she is still one of the most steadfast and familiar companions in the game. Depending on how the player tends to their tasks early on, Lydia becomes their first housecarl and free travel companion. As a housecarl, she is “sworn to carry your burdens” and protect her thane with her life, which begs the question of marriage. She may seem a little put out by her lot in life, which is one reason she falls near the bottom of the list. But the fact of the matter is that she’ll always be there for the Dragonborn and that’s the very stuff lasting love is built around in the long run.

4. Marcurio Is a Skyrim Spouse Worth the Time It Takes to Woo Him

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If arrogance backed by electrifying magical power is the Dragonborn’s thing, Imperial mage Marcurio is a perfect match. Ignoring the fact that, to marry him, the player has to hire him as a companion before he’ll take notice, Marcurio is worth every gold septim, especially if the Dragonborn is more focused on the martial aspect of being a hero. An accomplished wielder of the arcane arts, his arrogance is often backed by facts, and even though he doesn’t get any less arrogant after marriage, he does get a little sweeter. He falls mid-list because he has no actual home, and if the Dragonborn has yet to buy property, his bench in Riften’s Bee & Barb is basically where they live together.

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3. Aela the Huntress Is the Perfect Skyrim Spouse for Werewolf Players

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Unless the Dragonborn avoids Whiterun and the Companions entirely, they will eventually become a werewolf. Who better to marry than another werewolf that accepts the player exactly as they are? Though the Dragonborn has the option to cure their lycanthropy during the completion of the Companions questline, if they choose to maintain it, there are additional quests they can carry out with Aela to grant them even more powerful lycanthropic abilities. Marrying her means living out the rest of one’s days with a partner who not only truly gets what it’s like to be a beast, but embraces that animal nature fully. Though she can be rigid at times, her confidence and acceptance ranks her third on the list.

2. Wolf Twins Vilkas and Farkas Are Both Skyrim Husband Material

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When it comes to marriage candidates, there are none more available than the Companions. Those seeking male counterparts to Aela the Huntress, should look no further than twins Vilkas and Farkas. For a Dragonborn who wants an intelligent partner capable of running the household while they’re away and an occasional companion to accompany them on adventures and battles, Vilkas is perfect. Not only is he homestead steward material, but he’s as fierce in a fight as he is sweet and attentive at home.

Then, there’s Farkas, who may be a little dopey and incapable of trusting with major responsibilities like purchasing cows and chickens. However, he’s great with the kids, sweet to his spouse and a veritable monster when it comes to battle. While, the Dragonborn can only marry one, there is a bit of a workaround: marry Farkas and invite Vilkas to be the household steward. That way everyone can live together as one big family — which is versatile and unique enough to put the twins in second.

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1. Argis the Bulwark Is the Best Skyrim Husband

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After the Dragonborn proves themselves worth of becoming the Thane of Markarth, they gain Argis the Bulwark as their housecarl and potential husband alongside the opportunity to buy one of the most amazing prefab houses in the game. A tried and true warrior, the fact that he lost his eye to battle only makes him that much more attractive, and as far as Nord warriors go, he’s definitely easy on the eye.

Not only will he travel and fight beside his thane and spouse, he’ll also do all the other things spouses do in the game, like open a shop and share his profits, make homecooked meals and provide the lover’s comfort boon to grant them strength and fortitude throughout their day. The fact that he comes with that amazing house and will lay down his life to keep the Dragonborn safe makes him the perfect candidate for marriage.


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