January 27, 2022

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Slow Loop Episode 3: Koharu & Hiyori’s First Day At School

Slow Loop Episode 3

Slow Loop Episode 3 reveals two strangers who recently met and became friends. Hiyori and Koharu met near the ocean, and Koharu learned about swimming. After a few weeks, Koharu joins new schools and learns that Osamu Mukai, Risa Fuschihara, and Hiyori Minagi attend the same school. Hiyori told Koharu that she attended the same class as her sister. But she thought they would attend different classes. Slow Loop’s latest episode reveals Koharu’s first day at school. Koharu gets worried that she is new to the school and wonders why Hiyori is not nervous.

Hiyori told Koharu that she would manage but hid that she was also nervous. She first breathes in when she enters the class, opens the door, and meets with Koi playing with her fingers. Hiyori is revealed to attend the same class with someone she knew. Koi can’t believe that Hiyori is shy even though they are in high school, but she believes that things will go well for Hiyori with her new older sister. Koi is surprised that Hiyori’s sister is talkative than Hiyori. Hiyori reveals that her sister is also interested in fishing.

Hiyori and Koharu walk together after school, and Koharu asks about their first day. She replies that she couldn’t even look at her teacher’s place. But Koharu talked about new friends in her class and took their numbers. Hiyori knows that Koharu might be nervous on the first day, but she is not afraid to socialize. She realizes that she is only managed to talk with Koi since she has known Koi from childhood. Koharu admits that she might contact new friends, but she can’t remember them. The two arrive at the cross, where they have to get separated.

Previously on Slow Loop Episode 2

Koharu wonders why Hiyori stopped her, and Hiyori reveals that she wants to tell her something. Hiyori adds that she wants to go with Koharu somewhere, and Koharu accepts that. They arrive at Fly Fishing Shop, and Hiyori reveals that her childhood friend’s dad runs the shop. She talks about the shop, and Koharu is impressed. Hiyori also reveals that she has been friends with the shop’s owner since nursery school. Koharu is glad that Hiyori has a friend. Hiyori wonders if Koharu is teasing her. The two enter the Fly Shing Shop, and Hiyori looks for the shop owner.

Slow Loop Episode 3
Slow Loop Episode 3

They met with Koi, and Koharu noticed manny fishing stuff. Hiyori told Koi that she had come with Koharu. Koharu greets Koi and says that she is Hiyori’s big sister. Koi admits that she has heard a lot about Koharu from Hiyori. She reveals that she attends the same class as Hiyori and is her friend; Koharu realizes that Koi’s family runs a fishing shop and wonders if she was named after the fish called Koi. Hiyori realizes that Koharu won’t stop at anything but asks many questions. Koi reveals that her name means love, and it has nothing to do with fish.

Hiyori realizes that she has to keep Koharu busy and tells her about their stuff other than general fishing goods. She suggests looking at those materials and believes that Koharu will enjoy that. Koharu wondered what kind of materials is that, and Hiyori told her everything. She asks if the shop is like an arts and crafts store. Koi show Koharu a bird, and Koharu wonders if that bad is the fishes’ counterattack. Hiyori reveals that they only use feathers, and Koi explains it. Koharu realizes that they look different from Hiyori’s.

Slow Loop Episode 3 Release Date

Slow Loop Episode 3 will be released on 20 January 2022. Koi reveals how they use feathers when fishing to lure the fish. Koharu realizes that she understands nothing about the fishing techniques; Hiyori told Koi to use English words since Koharu is unfamiliar with foreign words. Koi reveals the English names while explaining.

Slow Loop Episode 3Slow Loop Episode 3
Slow Loop Episode 3

Watch Slow Loop Episode 3 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Slow Loop Episode 3 online on Funimation & ANIPLUS at 10:00 PM JST. You can also watch Slow Loop Episode 3 online on bBilibili Global & Wakanim (DE) for those in the UK. Koi feels pity for the insets used as bait to lure fish and wonders why the insects have to die at a young age. Later Kohari, Koi, and Hiyori went to school together and then headed fishing on weekends. Let’s meet when Slow Loop Episode 3 is released.

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